Outrage in Benghazi

News reports continue to come in on this breaking story. Factors, such as the September 11th date, and the heavily armed and choreographed attack have some in the Pentagon considering if there was an al Queda attack, and not the less well-organized demonstrations seen in Cairo.

U.S. Ambassador John Christopher Stevens and three others were barely dead in Benghazi as the Mitt Romney campaign rushed in to condemn the Obama Administration.

An American diplomat and foreign service workers were murdered. Washington is understandably livid, and the security resources of a superpower are mobilized to get Libya to bring these ultra-conservative thugs to justice. Calmer Muslim minds should remember that we supported them overthrowing their dictators. Closer to home, amid the sorrow of the more sane elements of the nation, the Radical Right is front-and-center to stir the pot.

Again, Romney doubles down on the Obama “apology” tour. One would think even Mitt would run out of underground parking space at one of his mansions for Ann’s Cadillacs from all the Glenn Kessler fact-checking Washington Post Pinocchios from his last “apology” gaffe. Are Mitt & Ann hoping to get the Teavangelicals worked up enough over the ultra-conservative Muslim violence to forget about the Romney’s “Mormon thing”?

As Commander in Chief, President Obama has our national security apparatus on alert. Mitt Romney can complain and whistle up an elite squad of white, short-sleeved Mormon missionaries on bicycles to aim the death ray from the Kolob star. I’m sure the unrepentant fossilized Cold Warriors on the campaign “brain trust” are looking for a nefarious “Kremlin” connection. Ex-Veep Dick Cheney might have called to remind them not to forget invading Iraq again.

Typical knee-jerk response from the foreign policy lightweight Man From Bain. It was Mitt Romney who protested in favor of the war in Vietnam, but carried on the Romney family tradition of leaving the fighting and dying to mere mortals while putting himself at a safe distance. In France. The difference now is that Mitt probably owns a nicer chateau or two these days.

Sam Bacile, a California developer, and self-styled “Israeli filmmaker,” had made a slanderous and inciteful anti-Islam flop of a film earlier this year, playing to empty U.S. cinemas. A rich man’s hobby. Bacile’s “film”, which had all the cultural sensitivity of a remake of “The Protocols Of Zion”, reportedly incited mob violence in Libya and Egypt once his screed hit YouTube.

Again, the sad tale of yet more people killed over reckless religious zealotry. I’m certain the late Jew-baiting Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher would be impressed with Bacile’s technique. Where is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s outrage?

American diplomats are dead while Bacile is reportedly in “hiding.”

The so-called “Christian Right” is scarcely better.  Remember the loony preacher Terry Jones in Florida who wanted a televised Koran burning while we had American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

I’m certain we have more important things for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to do than to put out the handiwork of religious fanatic firebugs.

Too bad the CIA couldn’t resurrect the not-very-secret “rendition” flights to deport Sheldon Adelson, Sam Bacile, and the rest of their hate-filled ilk to Tel Aviv  to pay sky-high Israeli taxes.

There is no excuse for anyone’s religious violence.



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