Scott Van Duzer’s Bear Hug Highlights the Republican Lockstep Mentality

Florida Big Apple pizza shop owner and tireless blood donor volunteer, Scott Van Duzer, is now the living, breathing (and yes, very appealing) face of all that is wrong with the Republican Party. In a photo that’s gone viral, Van Duzer wrapped President Obama in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground. The backlash against him by the right was swift and predictably terrible.

Scott Van Duzer is a Republican who supports President Obama. He showed a little love to the President. And he’s being slammed on Yelp, his business boycotted. He’s become a symbol of betrayal, a demon of the right. He’s crossed over to the “dark side” and will likely not be forgiven by the Party faithful.

“Whether you’re Republican or Democrat,” said Duzer, “He’s our president. It was just a tremendous honor. . . .”

Aside from the obvious contrast between our fun, hip, human President and the robotic, buttoned-up, cold Mitt Romney (who nobody could envision being picked up and wrapped in a bear hug), the treatment of Van Duzer further emphasizes the divisiveness of the Republican Party, the postage stamp-sized Republican tent, the small-mindedness of the Republican belief system, the violence and racism and fury inherent in their collective mindset, and the absolutely inflexible, rigid requirement that no Republican dare get out of lockstep with the “hate the President” theme – or else. Of course, comments on Van Duzer’s Yelp page liken their boycott of Van Duzer’s business to progressives’ boycott of Chick-fil-A, which is – at best – a specious comparison. After all, Van Duzer simply gave our President a hug. Chick-fil-A, on the other hand, financially supports violent, anti-gay hate groups.

Van Duzer has been embraced by the that liberal “gotcha” mainstream media, and has been seen on the talk show circuit, giving interviews to various news entities. His message is this: He was thrilled and overwhelmed to meet the President, and in an emotional outburst, he swept the President up in a big hug. He’s  not our “Joe the Plumber“; in fact, he’s the antithesis of Joe-the-Not-Plumber – he’s the face of that dying breed of Republican who thought he could maintain official membership in his Party while also showing respect and support to a sitting President.

That, however, has become the definition of evil in Republican circles. You’re either with us in hating this black man in the White House, or you’re against us.

Van Duzer isn’t just a pizza parlor owner and Obama-hugger; he also, as reported by, “started a foundation to assist families and individuals experiencing financial and personal hardship called  The Van Duzer Foundation, which has raised over $650,000 in life-saving blood-drive efforts. All of that, of course, is moot in the face of his greater evil:  Showing affection for President Obama.

As noted by, some of the comments on Van Duzer’s Yelp business listing made it clear that Van Duzer’s support of our President would result in retaliation and revenge, citing Van Duzen’s “treachery” and “business suicide.” And I wandered over to Yelp myself, and was treated to some naked racism and comparisons to the Dems’ boycott of Chick-fil-A, along with your usual “monkey” references, a 12-year-old “get even” mentality, and the predictable calls for violence:

i will only return if/when he pile drives obama into the floor the next chance he has. he is not even close to being a republican.  besides, his grinning makes me sick and his holding this jerk is sickening too !

support marxist president.. go down in flames

Liberal OWS urine on floor, Obama left the place smelling like a monkey

Well.. I’d eat there but after seeing the owner grab our leftist President I felt compelled to disrespect his establishment as much as the President disrespects our constitution. Shame on you Scott Van Duzer for thumbing your nose at all the small business owners this President has disrespected for the last four years. I guess you DIDN’T BUILD IT!

I hope you’re prepared for many more Yelps like this!!! Maybe you weren’t thinking, or maybe you are the only liberal pro Obama business owner, who knows.. but you won’t get mine or anyone else’s business for your treachery.

I would never let Barack Hussein Obama enter my business.  Of course since Chairman Obama thinks I did not build it, he would probably force his way in.  This “American” president has done more damage to this country than the hijackers on 9/11.  Stay out of our small businesses, Mr. President.  In fact, keep your hands off our health care, guns, religion, and values.  

Most of yall Democrats can’t afford to eat at this restaurant anyway.  This restaurant doesn’t accept food stamps.

Talk about committing business suicide. After picking up Obama, your books are gonna be in the red pretty soon. Not too smart.

Went there during my summer vacation. It was nasty. Not surprised the owner is an Obama hack!!

Treat it the same as the Dems treated Chick-fil-a. 

Given the right-wing’s propensity for following their loudest, most extreme voices – and given comments like those above, that Van Duzer’s business will go “down in flames” – I’d highly recommend Van Duzer recruit about ten guys who look just like him to patrol his place, and that he increase his fire insurance. Auto too. Oh, and homeowner’s.

And we owe the Republicans a big “thank you” for once again highlighting for the American voters their unashamed racism, small-mindedness, unvarnished white right fury at any diversity, vindictiveness and spitefulness. Well played.