Sign Of The Times

In a massive strike to protest untenable work conditions, job cuts and wages hundreds, thousands of employees abandon their post in _______  (a) England, (b) the U.S., (c) Israel or  (d) Greece?   What is the correct answer, a, b, c or d?  Or is it all of the above? The unfortunate reality — we could add an e, f, g and h and the answer would still be the same — all  of the above.

The world is witnessing a global meltdown like we’ve never seen before. The international overlords would have us to believe the source of our worldwide crisis is big government, entitlement programs, over population, food shortages, Islamic fundamentalists, socialism, hell even the boogeyman. But the reality is far from that, a much simpler truth in fact.  We find ourselves at this precarious moment in time, at the edge of the cliff where humanity is literally on the brink of destruction for one reason alone — greed. Greed is a parasitic insatiable beast whose appetite can never be satiated. It is akin to a Burmese Python, incapable of discerning limitations, consuming any and everything in its path until it explodes.

Whether it is the Chicago Teachers Union striking for smaller classroom sizes, better learning conditions for their students and fair wages, the Israeli Airport Authority workers striking for better wages, civil service employees in Greece striking over government austerity measures which cut 15,000 jobs or public sector employees in England striking over pay, pensions, jobs and increased workloads they are all intrinsically connected. Just as the parts of our body are connected so are we as a global society. If you have cancer in your lungs and do not treat it, it is only a matter of time before it spreads to the remainder of your body infecting it in its entirety.

What we have been experiencing throughout the course of this millenium is the continued growth of a cancerous tumor which has gone unnoticed, unfettered and untreated. It has festered into a gargantuan cyst which threatens not only the existence of the human species but the very planet we all inhabit. It is obliterating anything bearing any substance of life — mankind, natural resources, the entire ecosystem. It has no will or desire to stop until nothing remains.

So how do we cure ourselves of this cancer?  How do we heal ourselves and our planet thereby saving humanity? The most effective way to treat any cancer…starve it.


Image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos