Horrible Old Man in Wheelchair Threatens Right Wing Scam, I Mean, Fundraising Efforts with Truthtelling – Files IC3 Complaint and 2nd Report with Dallas PD

Update: Since certain people can’t take “Shut Yer Rotting Gob” as a hint, I have filed an Internet Cyber Crimes report and a Second Report with the Dallas Police Department against a certain individual who is using my name to raise money the same way a televangelist uses “Satan.” No more playing! ALLLLLLLL Done!

Meet “The Threat to All that is Good and Decent!”

“Comin’ ta GITCHA!”

His name is Bill Schmalfeldt. He is a 57-year old man with Stage IV Parkinson’s diseasea condition he was diagnosed with three weeks after his 45th birthday in 2000. He blogs on this blog of terror as “The Liberal Grouch” in which he threatens the good and decent by telling the TRUTH about them. And for this, he must pay!

Oh, don’t let his feebleness fool you! Lust look at this video and see how coordinated and STRONG and BALANCED he is, and why brave men like Lee Stranahan and Ali Akbar have every RIGHT to fear that this man — who can’t go to the grocery store unless his wife takes him there — is coming to the Dallas Fort Worth area… to plunder. To Rape. To HARM!

This movie, taped nearly a year ago, shows what kind of shape he was in on December 19, 2011. And things have progressed since then.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=959dOGiWLco]

This video, shot the same day, shows the extent of his trickery — set into motion WELL before he even knew who Ali Akbar and Lee Stranahan WERE… such a clever, evil bastard is he!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnsVhgDdSbY]

But it’s all trickery! A fake! A SHAM 13-years in the making, just to FOOL Lee Stranahan and Ali Akbar and their supporters! Look at these pictures of Bill Schmalfeldt taken recently!


ARMED TO THE TEETH with dangerous weapons and guitars.


A weak man? We don’t think so.

Just LOOK at what he did to this weak, defenseless BRATWURST that never did anything to anybody over the recent Labor Day Weekend!

Mmmm! Tastes like AKBAR with SHREDDED STRANAHAN!!!

And if he can do all that, IMAGINE what he could do to good, decent Americans who steal money from other good decent Americans for good decent reasons, like throwing good, decent parties for themselves.


Women ovulate when they see him. Weak men cry and clutch at their testicles. The righteous know to FEAR him and his many, many threats of rape and death which he cleverly disguises as non threats, but if you know how to parse words you can turn ANYTHING this man says into a threat and then pretend that a judge will BELIEVE you because judges ALWAYS believe fabricated quotes that don’t say what we want them to think we say.

Unless they’re ACTIVIST JUDGES who adhere to the CONSTITUTION and respect TRUTH!

But look at him. LOOK AT HIM!

But not for too long. You might ovulate which, if you are a male, can be particularly painful.

How does he do this? How can this simple man hold the entire conservative world in the palm of his hands and make righteous right wing thieves want to SILENCE him?



On June 13, 2007, in a secret operating room set up by the CIA in a secret hospital disguised as the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, mysterious, gown and mask-wearing operatives INSERTED things into Schmalfeldt’s head! These never before seen (except in the book he’s written about the experience and dozens of other websites) photographs SHOW the procedure in progress. We publish these at great risk to our personal safety and bandwidth.

On the table, wide awake for seven hours as docs fiddled with my noodle!

Here’s how it looked on the OTHER side of the sheet!

Wires! Machines! Blood! Ick!

And when they were done, Schmalfeldt was MORE MACHINE THAN MAN!!!

NOW he receives orders directly from DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS in MOSCOW (Not Idaho, RUSSIA!) and those order are…





He started by using his WORDS to spread hate, socialism, femi-Marxism and homo-Naziism. Using his blog to publish his yellow journalism to distribute to the literally DOZENS of people who read his blog on a daily basis. This put a serious dent into the fundraising at the National Bloggers Club.

Read, you idiots! Read my LIES!

It made National Bloggers Club beneficiary Bobby McCain VERY Sad! He wrote an ARTICLE to say how say he was!

If McCain was a dog, he’d be a “Chee-WAH-Waaaah!”

It made Michelle “Fish Stank” Malkin very sad. She had her staff of leather underpants-wearing, zipper-masked man-toys at Twitchy.com write an article about how sad SHE was.

And when that no longer sufficed, he had to take on more drastic measures.

Working as part of a nefarious network of free-thinking freedom lovers, he EXPOSED right wing corruption in the form of the fraudulent 501(c)3 known as the National Bloggers Club, which still continues to gather funds, but no longer with the imprimatur of calling itself a tax-exempt organization.

HE EXPOSED Lee Stranahan as a fraudulent scammer, angering Stranahan by sending coded messages that only a lunatic could decipher as being DIRECT THREATS against HIS OWN anal purity and that of his wife and children, resulting in a false police report made by Stranahan, tying up police 911 lines, causing a Howard County Maryland officer to travel to Schmalfeldt’s mobile home to join him in laughing at Stranahan as they reviewed the things Schmalfeldt had ACTUALLY written about Stranahan and what a goofy cocksucker he is.

THEN, while looking into Stranahan’s background as a scammer, a whiner and a fraud artist going back to the turn of the Century, Schmalfeldt uncovered five pictures of naked girls, admittedly taken by Stranahan. He wrote directly to Stranahan asking about the age of these girls. Stranahan ignored the question and turned to one of his feckless toadies on Twitter and japed, “If he were really concerned, he would contact the police.”


And now, the Dallas Police have TWO complaint in their inbox about Stranahan — the request that they look into his possible child pornography, and a second complaint filed just last night that we will keep secret for now lest heads EXPLODE all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metro Area.

Bill Schmalfeldt. Man? Or Demon?

Will the world ever know?

BTW: “Put On Your Parky Face” is just ONE of the many books Bill Schmalfeldt has published, that you can find online by clicking this link! The proceeds from all his books about Parkinson’s disease are donated to the National Parkinson Foundation. Or, you can just donate to them directly by clicking the image on the front page of this blog. Thank you for caring about this disease that afflicts 1 million Americans with 50-thousand new diagnoses each year.

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