Benjamin Netanyah, A.K.A. Chicken Little

It seems Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t be content until F-16 bombers are flying over Tehran and U.S. navy ships are storming the Strait of Hormuz. In a recent interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, when asked of the idea of a “containment strategy” in response to Iran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons Netanyahu retorted “I think Iran is very different (from the Soviet Union). They put their zealotry above their survival. They have suicide bombers all over the place. And I would not rely on their rationality.”

I honestly had to listen to that statement twice. If I hadn’t known better I would have thought he was referring to himself — puts zealotry above their survival, irrational. Indeed those are exactly the words I would use to describe a man who wants to start World War III. And for those who think this is an exaggeration….do a little research.  This notion that Iran is somehow isolated on the world stage is a myth. As much as Netanyahu and much of the mainstream American press would like for the masses to believe the rest of the world is no longer afraid of the U.S., it is not the super power it once was and everyone will not idly sit by and watch Israel and the U.S. invade a sovereign nation for no justifiable reason other than to assuage a few over zealous Zionists.

Image: Benjamin Netanyahu + Chicken Little (via pngwave)

A number of Israeli military leaders have spoken out against an attack on Iran, said that it would be disastrous and even gone so far as to call those, including Netanyahu, irresponsible for pushing such an attack.  Furthermore,  military officials say in addition to an attack on Iran not being successful it would also only motivate them to enhance their nuclear program.  In essence, it would have the opposite effect. Former head of Israeli Army Intelligence Major General Shlomo Gazit went so far as to state the primary reason why we’re currently embattled in this confrontation is primarily due to the fact Iran is an oil power and therefore has the ability to control the flow of oil in the world market.

“Unfortunately, Iran is an oil power. If it weren’t, none of this would have any importance Nobody would care what Iran is doing. Just like no one really cares what’s going on in Syria today. Syria has no ability to turn off the tap and influence the flow of oil in the world.”

Can we rewind that please? Surely the former head of Israeli Army Intelligence didn’t just say that. Clearly we must have misunderstood him. That doesn’t exactly coalesce with what PM Bibi is propagating. Why with the doomsday picture he’s painting, if I didn’t know better, I’d believe it’s only a matter of months before Iran has its nuclear missiles ready to launch towards Is-it-real?



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