Our Herculean President

We loyal lefties have had to endure some hits this go around. From the ACA (“ObamaCare”) without a public option, to necessary bank bailouts with no strings attached, to continued wholesale tax giveaways for the rich and corporate welfare for Exxon/Mobil and the like, to watered down legislation of all varieties, it hasn’t been a perfect ride. But I do not blame President Obama for that. He’s been getting so egregiously hammered by the Right, unlike any of his predecessors except for perhaps Bill Clinton (sans the racism), and has been up against the most obstructionist and singularly motivated opposition in our history. All this with the corrupt corporate influence of Citizen’s United and the brave new world of heretofore unseen influence of multi-billionaire characters such as the Koch brothers (et al.) still to come.

During his tenure, and certainly during this campaign, President Obama has been accused of being the following (this is by no means an all-inclusive list):

  • A usurper and an exotic foreigner and therefore illegitimate
  • “The worst president ever”
  •  Weak on national defense
  • A socialist
  • The creator of a “government takeover” of  healthcare
  • Treasonous by his post-fact opponent(s) (Yup! He was accused of treason!)
  • Incompetent and ineffective

The President did, however, commit one monumental error repeatedly during the last four years. He allowed his PR folks to take a powder when they should have been busy indeed trumpeting his achievement de jour from rooftops if necessary. If his PR team were effective, the electorate would be perfectly clear on these triumphs over adversity and almost heroic accomplishments. Here are some of his more Herculean, albeit uncelebrated, efforts:

  • Prevented a second Great Depression (this is considered a fact to any economist of merit)
  • Stopped the U.S. from hemorrhaging the almost 800,000 jobs a month we were losing when he took office
  • Facilitated more than two years of monthly gains in private sector jobs at a time of lackluster economic growth and near economic calamity
  • Made health insurance available to almost 40 million Americans
  • Ended healthcare insurance “redlining” (no loss of insurance for pre-existing conditions or reaching a cap)
  • Made a politically difficult decision to save an entire banner industry (auto)
  • Reversed the trend of a waning manufacturing base in U.S. (knowing that a lost manufacturing base is a last indicator of empire in decline)
  • Good or bad, he has radically increased domestic petrol-based energy production over almost all previous administrations, including the Bushs’
  • Allowed gays to serve proudly and openly in the military
  • Dramatically improved benefits for military families and veterans
  • Directed a sorely needed overhaul of the student loan program by cutting out the banks and saving student’s money (thereby making college more affordable)
  • Vastly improved K-12 education via Race to the Top
  • Dramatically decimated al Qaeda’s command structure, including the elimination of their top 20-30 leaders
  • Liberated Libya by taking Gaddafi out with minimal risk to our blood and treasure
  • Making a courageous decision to take out Osama bin Laden that would have crushed his re-election prospects and legacy if it failed
  • Ended the war in Iraq in a timely manner
  • Smart enough to learn austerity is a path to economic catastrophe via Europe’s example
  • Preserved women’s right to dictate own reproductive healthcare choices
  • Equal pay for equal work for women
  • Appointing two high-caliber progressive women to  the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Effectively wielding his power to circumvent a do nothing congress by issuing Executive Orders to achieve some of his agenda

Compare this partial list of the President’s substantive achievements to any Republican administration, even those of two terms. In fact, in one term, he has arguably more significant accomplishments than any other President in the modern era…perhaps in any era for that matter. How can anyone criticize this President with a straight face? My bet is that Romney and Ryan and McCain and all of their minions share in a good laugh at the frivolity of their own public statements when they are out of public view. Let’s just hope the folks in swing states realize that.


Rich Abete, a healthcare professional, is currently preoccupied with scratching his way out of a self-imposed social exile. His exile produced one complete manuscript titled nod, the proud founding of “Jesus was a Democrat“, and “Jesus was not a Republican“. The impetus for these endeavors was the result of being banned from writing nearly everywhere else on the internet, as many have found his writing too offensive. Thankfully, BNV is a place at which he may opine freely on the bankrupt morality of today’s GOP.



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