You have to be kidding me if you tell me that there’s anyone who considers Mitt Romney to be of viable presidential material after his latest blunder, in which he called Barack Obama supporters people who are always looking for a government handout. He said the 47% of Americans who support the President for re-election do so because all they want is a government to give them something like health care, housing, food. Romney, who was secretly recorded spewing his contempt for a good portion of the electorate, has had no real response when confronted by reporters. In fact he doubled down on his right wing, neo-con rhetoric stating once again 47% of the electorate has not contributed to American society.

Last week, Romney attacked President Obama and the Department of State hours before the American Embassy in Libya was overrun by al-Qaeda. In his statement he accused the Obama Administration of sympathizing with and the supporting of the killers of the American Ambassador to Libya and 3 other American staff members. Romney attack on the State Department was a response to a statement by the Cairo Consulate calling for respect of the Muslim religion 12 hours before the killings. Once again Mitt Romney shot off his mouth without gathering information, without making an informed decision about the true situation.

In less than a week, Mitt Romney has insulted, the President, the State Department and the 47% of the Americans who support President Obama. In the election of 2008, the President received 69,456,897 votes; that’s a great deal of people who now come to find out that, according to Romney, they are useless government assistance-seeking moochers who do nothing but take from society.

It is hard to imagine what the country would look like under a Romney administration. I find it hard to believe that a man of his formal education and business experience could be as shallow and stupid as he is.

Furthering the potential for damage, this past weekend, President Putin of Russia told a reporter that there was no need to start any nuclear weapons treaty talks with the USA because Mr. Romney stated that Russia is  the USA’s umber one geo-political foe. Why would Russia want to negotiate with any country that sees them as a threat?

Time after time during this campaign, Mitt Romney has reminded people why he is one out of three when it comes to elections. The man has shown deep resentment for the middle class, the poor and the American worker. He has blatantly lied about his time as governor, the development of the ACA‘s framework, and he has failed to reveal his federal taxes. By not doing so, Mitt Romney has thumbed his nose at the status quo by refusing to produce multiple years of federal tax returns. Americans like to know about their future presidents, and every potential POTUS going back 50 years has humored the people by showing how and where they made their money.

How much money Romney has or even how he made it is not the question I want answered. I want to know what he knew and when he knew it. Did Mitt Romney conspire to hide taxable income by depositing money into Swiss bank accounts? Did it came to pass, in 2009, that the IRS was informed of hidden bank accounts?  And is it true that he and his wife were granted immunity from prosecution if they closed the accounts and paid the back taxes and a huge fine? Those are the questions I want answered. I think the American people should know if the man who wants to be our leader committed a felony.

This has nothing to do with his questionable business practices or his outsourcing of jobs; it has everything to do with Mitt Romney’s character and what he thinks of the American people. Mitt Romney has abdicated any loyalty from Americans who might have thought he was a viable candidate and that abdication has released them to vote their conscience.


  1. Paul Johnson says

    There’s so much left wing spew in your post it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe we start with the fact that this “recovery” is not recovering at all, our enemies are emboldened by our apologetic statements about “overuse” of free speech in America and in fact, while it may not be 47%, a growing portion of the populace is now in fact more dependent on the government than ever, and therefore unlikely to ever vote to reduce their benefits? If we re-elect Obama, we face more sluggish growth, Obama’s having more “flexibility” to give Putin what Putin wants post-election, projected weakness overseas, hidden taxes on the middle class a la Obamacare and attacks on personal freedoms of religion and speech from the same administration that sued a church for firing a minister. You may not like Romney, but he’s the only hope for the middle class in this election. If you want to make hay of gaffes, let’s start with Obama’s of last night: his “most important lesson” learned in the last four years: that he cannot succeed.


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