Bad Call

It would take a controversial,  outcome changing, and bungled call by a stand-in scab referee in the Seattle Seahawks-Green Bay Packers game to get even notorious public union buster Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisc.) tweeting in anger for professional football team owners to end their lockout and bring back competent unionized officiating. After all, it was something as vital as Monday Night Football, and not annoyingly coddled nurses, schoolteachers, and librarians minding our kids.

Remember Delaware Tea Party ditz Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell? One of the bits of 2010 election trivia was that her father was apparently a stand-in for TV’s Bozo the Clown, but not a bona fide Bozo, patent leather Ferragamos his daughter would later fill. An ersatz, scab clown. As margarine ads of half a century ago went: “The lower price spread.” Those of us with AARP cards who did dutifully park our real cotton diapered and rubberized training panted fannies before black and white cathode ray tubed televisions could tell a real TV clown from an el-cheapo corporate knock-off substitute one.

One of the reasons we have unionized football referees is to ensure a trained, competent pool of arbiters in sports. America found out Monday night what multimillionaire team owners foisted on the public as a cheap substitute. Just leave everything to the “free market”, and “freedom” will  just magically make everything better. They couldn’t even impress a union buster Koch Bros. acolyte named Gov. Scott Walker.

We want folks such as airline pilots to be competent. We federally license them. The better ones are unionized. Ah, but the glories of the deregulated “free market” can also have that commuter puddle jumper you’re saying your Hail Marys aboard being flown by a young lady who is on food stamps, or waited tables last night to pay off the for-profit flight school bill the size of the GNP of Paraguay and a student loan from Shylock of the The Merchant of Venice.

At least that comically bad football game call shut up the union-busting “Right to Work” advocates for a bit. In Congress, among their Republican advocates is Libertarian loon Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a “self-board-certified” eye doctor, and son of Rep. Ron “Dr. No” Paul (R-Tex.), an Ob-Gyn who offered his patients a bonus Austrian economics lecture whilst stranded in the stirrups. A speculum on ice was allegedly there as an “attention getter” for those who dared doze off. Ahem, occasionally we want a bit more rigorous a standard in professional ability than a guest receipt from last night in a Holiday Inn Express. Tell me again about the magical elixir wonders of “liberty and freedom.”

And the stand-in scab replacement NFL referee who started the hoopola? Turns out Lance Easley’s day job is as a Southern California banker. Now there’s a profession which evokes waves of consumer confidence. Remember when we jailed errant savings and loan fraudulent bankers in the 1980s? Wall Street just found new and ingenious ways to get them bailouts and bonuses instead.