Obama Campaign’s Stephanie Cutter in Hannity’s Crosshairs

We now know who the scariest Obama camp staffer is, the one who strikes fear into Republican hearts, the one who can be counted on not to back down or cower in the face of Republican mud and slime. You know how we know?  Because that’s who Sean Hannity has recently targeted as the subject of one of his little “exposes.”

Irony:”The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.”  Thank you, Sean, for so poignantly and eloquently displaying for us the absolute, clear, exact meaning of the word irony. Not only does Hannity let the fact of Karl Rovian political tactics flee from his little brain, he also seems to disregard the fact that his entire expose consists of engaging in the same types of “dirty tactics” that he accuses Stephanie Cutter of. After all, Hannity is nothing more than an errand boy for the GOP, carrying its water ’til he drowns in the bucket.

Began Hannity, “. . . As we continue our investigation into the dirty tactics of the Obama campaign, now, it’s time for us to pull the curtain back and expose the one person who can be credited as the driving force behind the hateful tone that has been spewing from Team Obama and its surrogates.”

The Obama campaign has been called one of the dirtiest in American history and to many Americans the face of that campaign is Stephanie Cutter [deputy campaign manager of Obama for America] . . . Willing to say anything necessary to get her candidate re-elected, Cutter has waged a campaign of lies and slander. Now it seems to be a continuing pattern for this political operative, who has been used to using the same tactics for nearly a decade. Stephanie Cutter gained political experience volunteering for the presidential run Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis in 1988. After college, Cutter began her political career with the Clinton Administration in various communication roles later moving on to work for Senator Ted Kennedy. In 2003 she received her first experience on the national level when she became communications director for the presidential campaign of Senator John Kerry. It was during this campaign that America saw Cutter’s trademark tactics emerge.”

Cut to video of President Obama saying, “It’s like Robin Hood in reverse.  It’s Romneyhood.”  Good one, Stephanie!

” . . . In 2004 it was Stephanie Cutter making the same claims then against President Bush. Appearing on Fox News, Cutter attacked President Bush, claiming he pursued a policy that ‘put the wealthy on top and left the middle class behind.’  Now, Cutter’s time with the Kerry campaign was rocky due to her reportedly difficult and surly personality. In fact, members of the campaign immortalized Cutter with the creation of a new verb. And according to Newsweek, to ‘Scutter’ means to try and control and dominate . . . In 2008 the once-disgraced staffer was brought back from the dead by the Obama campaign. Again, Cutter’s brutal campaign tactics in 2008 would foreshadow what has come four years later.”

“. . . Now it is Mitt Romney, and even his wife receiving the left’s attacks over womens’ issues.  Having no issue with the wealth of former employers like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, Cutter has led a crusade against presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wealth, even insisting he’s broken the law . . . .”

Following a firestorm of criticism, Cutter was forced to apologize for those remarks . . . Cutter has not only caught heat for her tactics, but for her lies as well.  Now earlier this year Priorities USA, a pro-Obama PAC, released the infamous anti-Romney ad in which a former steelworker, Joe Soptic, blames the cancer death of his wife on Mitt Romney.”

“When asked about the Obama campaign’s connection to Soptic and the ad, well, Cutter played dumb.  But that was far from the truth, as Cutter had in fact previously hosted a tele-conference with special guest Joe Soptic.  Always on the attack, even as she was caught lying herself, Cutter lashed out at the Republican presidential ticket following their recent convention.”

Cutter on the RNC:  “It was a week of personal attacks, empty platitudes . . . they really think that lying is a virtue.”

“Stephanie Cutter’s tactics are more of the same out of the Democratic playbook, attempting to win votes by spreading fear and resentment.”  (And yes, all the emphasis, admittedly, is mine.)

Cutter:  “We’re gonna call their b.s. when we see it.”

Well, it’s our turn to call Hannity’s b.s. when we see it.  Try Karl Rove, the inventor of dirty politics.  And as far as “spreading fear and resentment,” well, can’t think of much more spreading-fear-and-resentment’ish than “palling around with terrorists” and “death panels” – straight from the loutish mouth of Fox News’ chief cheerleader, Sarah Palin.  But back to dirty politics stuff.  How about Dick Morris?  O’Reilly smear flunky Jesse Watters?  Let’s talk Swiftboat (and, in another bit of irony, Cutter was criticized by Newsweek for failing to push back hard enough against the Swiftboat attacks on John Kerry, not for being too hard on the attack).  When we’re talking dirty politics, how about the right painting the Clinton’s as murderers?  Launching birther challenges to President Obama, not once, but over and over (they are, in fact, ongoing as we speak).  How about failing to give the President credit for bin Laden, for failing to give him credit for the upticks in the economy, the stock market?  How about the generic failure of the GOP to say one civil word about this masterful president?  Dirty politics?  I’ll say.

Stephanie Cutter

That whole apology thing:  Stephanie Cutter never apologized for her comments about Mitt Romney’s SEC filings and possible illegal activity there.  She might have clarified what she said, but wasn’t “forced to apologize.”

And gee, who might have called the Obama campaign “one of the dirtiest in history?”  Ah, yes, Bernard Goldberg, a formerly respectable journalist who’s sunk so low he’s now a Fox contributor who can be counted on to consistently take the low road.  Goldberg’s little diatribe was shared around on right-wing websites and – lo and behold – suddenly it became fact, and blossomed into a mandate on the Obama campaign.  One right-wing Fox guy wrote a ditty (possibly with the assistance of Hannity himself) that was discredited by Forbes and others, and suddenly it’s headline news.

You want to know what’s really dirty politics?  Voter suppression.  Ad after “you didn’t build this” ad by Mitt Romney, making false claims about President Obama, and a subsequent refusal by the Romney camp to accede to fact-checking.  An RNC speech, among others, chock full of lies by Paul Ryan, with the same result: We don’t need no stinkin’ fact-checking.

But don’t take my word for it, that the Romney campaign is as dirty as it gets.  Fox’ own Juan Williams agrees that Romney has hit new lows, writing for The Hill:  “This is politics so dirty it covers over the truth.”

Stephanie Cutter doesn’t need to bow down before Fox, Stephanie Cutter won’t concede ground, and Stephanie Cutter makes it clear that Republicans haven’t cornered the market on hard-ball politics.  That’s why Hannity is targeting her, that’s why she’s in the Fox News crosshairs, that’s why she sends chills of fear down Hannity’s spine.  Stephanie Cutter outs the b.s.  And whatever it is she’s doing, it’s pretty clear that it’s working.



  1. There’s a special hell being prepared for Sean Hannity when he dies.

  2. Teresa Lovern says

    Great read! ‘After all, Hannity is nothing more than an errand boy for the GOP, carrying its water ’til he drowns in the bucket.’ . . .I hope it’s soon. He’s such a twisted person. His mouth has nothing to do with facts. Thanks for the article.