Women: the GOP don’t consider you one of them. Part II

Despite the recent ‘let’s extend recess’ action of Congress (do your job, Eric Cantor!) there’s work to be done. The prior post in this series discussed why middle class voters should not consider voting for the Republican party; this post will focus on what is referred to as ‘women’s issues’ even though these issues also impact men. Interested members of the voting public will review candidates’ work history, performance and the long-term goals of the party to which each candidate is aligned — and that brings me to the “War on Women”.

Anyone who thinks there’s no war on women hasn’t been paying attention. The war is old news and, if that war is won by the GOP, it promises to have a long-lasting impact that moves women backwards. As is the case when casting a vote for a presidential candidate, state and local elections have become more crucial than ever — and it’s often on the local levels of government that the battle lines are drawn.

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According to the Guttmacher Institute, 916 bills focusing on and adversely affecting women’s reproductive freedom have been introduced since the GOP took over. With all of the other issues facing this nation, the very idea that congress has wasted taxpayer time and money with attempts to strip away women’s right to make decisions about their own healthcare and reproduction is incredible. If you’re a woman (or a man who actually likes women and considers them your equal) and you think the women of the GOP have your best interests at heart, consider this: Having a uterus doesn’t mean they support your right to do with yours as you see fit. Oh, and being pro-birth is most certainly not the same as being pro-life; protecting embryos while doing all you can to eliminate support systems for children in need is hypocritical.

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But what about birth control? Mitt Romney has stated that he wants to reduce the nation’s debt levels. That makes sense but what does that have to do with birth control? He has mentioned that if elected he will “eliminate Title X family-planning programs benefiting abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.” The problem with that is Planned Parenthood provides far more services than just pregnancy termination; birth control and preventative screenings for cancer and other diseases are a significant part of what the organisation does.

Separation of church and state hasn’t entered the GOP’s orbit. As a whole the party made clear that it is against the Obama administration’s policy to ensure that all women have access to contraception, even when those women are employed by organisations with a religious affiliation. Mitt Romney supports the Blunt amendment to allow all secular employers to deny coverage of any medical treatment or services to which they object for any moral reason. So, your employers have a say in your birth control…shouldn’t you?

But this isn’t solely about reproductive rights. Do we need to remind you about GOP candidates attempting to redefine what “legitimate rape” is? New Mexico’s Republican governor, Susana Martinez, said “…unless a woman who conceived and  gave birth to a child as a result of rape can prove she was ‘forcibly raped’ she will be denied assistance for childcare needed for work or education.”

What about the Violence Against Women Act? Congress will not return to work until November 13th so the fact that, as mentioned by House Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Xavier Becerra (D-CA), “Every day in America, a woman dies of domestic violence” will have to sit on the back burner until the GOP is ready to do its job.

And then there’s that Lilly Ledbetter equal pay issue…

At this point, should we expect anything else from the GOP?

So, women, when you go and place your vote, remember these things:

  • Which party is attempting to force the victims of “legitimate rape” to carry the fetus to term or face prison?
  • Which party supports visitation rights for rapists?
  • Which party is attempting to do away with birth control and fought against women’s wellness care?

Still not sure?



  1. Oh bull. It is really tiresome to keep reading how I’m in a war against myself. All women don’t need their neighbors to pay for their birth control pills. All women don’t like abortions being used as birth control or sex selection. NOBODY is blocking access to birth control. That statement is a flat out lie. You insult our intelligence with crap like that. There is a walmart on every corner. All women aren’t ready to accept this crappy economy as ‘the new normal” and all women aren’t happy go lucky at the thought of the government taking away our religious freedom. All women aren’t happy leaving our children in debt. And our children’s children. And their children at this rate. All women don’t see themselves as victims no matter that you see all women as victims. There is your real war on women.

    All women don’t feel the need to be taken care of by the govenment from cradle to grave. Real women, we take care of ourselves.

    GOP women appreciate a hand up (another liberal myth).
    I see too many Democratic women begging for a hand out.

    Big difference in philosophies.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      Here we go again. In your case, you’re probably not at war with yourself, just all women who don’t subscribe to your point of view. Here’s a little bit of information for you but, of course, despite all evidence to the contrary you’ll believe what you wish, no matter how many copies of the actual legislation that is placed before you. And, while this is off topic, if you’re one of those people who believes that President Obama is secretly a Muslim socialist who was born in Kenya then, frankly, you should stop reading right now because that particular belief means that there isn’t any fact in the world that could land on you that would make any sense whatsoever.

      Where to start? How about with the point Republicans use that Liberals want everyone else to pay for their abortions and birth control pills? Even if that were the case and not a Republican myth/talking point, since 1976 the Hyde Amendment, a legislative provision barring the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortions has been routinely attached to annual appropriations bills. The Hyde Amendment applies only to funds allocated by the annual appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services and it primarily affects Medicaid (which means that those dreaded poor women who seek abortions cannot get them using federal dollars). The original Hyde Amendment made no exceptions for cases of pregnancies that were the result of rape or incest or that threatened the lives of pregnant woman – and based on what the GOP has introduced, included in those 916 bills mentioned in the article, it’s clear that the Republican party may care about a fetus but it doesn’t care about women who have been raped or have their health endangered by a fetus.

      “All women don’t like abortions being used as birth control or sex selection.” Every woman has a different reason to need to have a pregnancy terminated – and no amount of religious zealotry or imposition of guilt from the right will change that. The problem is sheer hypocrisy. Deciding to write laws that make no exception for rape, incest or where the woman’s health is endangered is entirely inflexible and forces women into carrying a fetus that they did not intend to be impregnated with. In the case of “abortion being used as birth control” how can those who want to do away with access to birth control on the one hand get upset on the other hand when a pregnancy results? It’s also extremely hypocritical to want to force women to have children they don’t want, and then demand cuts in funding to childcare, child feeding, public schools and social services programs.

      “Nobody is blocking access to birth control.” Really? How about when the right tells pharmacists that they can deny women pills if dispensing those pills goes against the pharmacists’ religious beliefs? So much for a pharmacist’s oath and doing his/her job. Let’s be clear: birth control is not abortion. And telling insurance companies that they can be selective by allowing men’s prescriptions for Viagra to be covered, but saying that birth control, also a prescription drug, should not be covered is, once again, extremely hypocritical and reeks of wanting to have control over women’s bodies. If you’re comfortable letting men make decisions about your body that’s fine but the rest of the women in this country shouldn’t be forced to live with what works for you. Freedom of choice also means freedom to not have to choose what works for others when it doesn’t work for you. And if you want actual legislation to read up about, since you say “NOBODY” then try looking at what’s happening in states such as Missouri where the governor approved of an anti-choice law that now allows bosses to refuse to cover birth control and even other healthcare services for women in their health insurance plan. But, of course, that’s no surprise given that Missouri is where Senator Todd Akin resides – the co-author of the bill (with Paul Ryan) on what constitutes “legitimate rape”.

      Roe v Wade is the law of the land. That doesn’t mean women will always opt to have an abortion but what it does mean is that women have the right to choose what is best for them. It is nobody else’s right, especially based on their own religious beliefs (separation of church and state, remember that?), to tell a woman she should be forced to give birth. On a side note, when a person says s/he’s pro life, s/he really should just say ‘I’m pro fetus’ because being silent on the issue of murdering doctors who perform abortions and being OK with seeing unwanted children languishing in an already overburdened foster care and adoption system doesn’t exactly ring out pro “life” to most rational people.

      Now, shall we debunk your points about debt or shall I save that for another response? Suffice it to say that anyone who knows a bit about arithmetic would know that a nation can’t ring up a bill for 2 unpaid wars and an unpaid seniors prescription plan (known as the “donut hole”) and not have it paid for at some point. George W. Bush left us with staggering UNPAID bills that he did not place on the books. Well, someone has to pay for it (and it’s clear the wealthy do not want to). So now the debt is on the books and the GOP is howling saying that THIS president ran up the debt when, in fact, spending growth is at its lowest since the Eisenhower years.

      As for “all women don’t feel the need to be taken care of by the government” – I couldn’t agree with you more! That’s actually why, on the left, we’ve fought for the Equal Pay Act – that the GOP voted against. Funny how “real women” take care of themselves. Yes, we do. We just don’t want the GOP’s feet on our throats as we try to do so.

      And in what way are Democratic women begging for a hand out? Do you mean all of that terrible “begging” to level the playing field? Or make our own choices and not have our big strong GOP men tell us what to do?

      Indeed, there is a BIG difference in philosophies.

      Bless your heart.


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