I’ll Be Watching You

The headlines say it all: “Obama Warns Young Voters About Voter Suppression“…. “Courts Reject GOP Voter Suppression Overreach in Four States“…”Republicans’ Voter Suppression Project Grinds On“….and so on, and so on…

We’re watching you, GOP! Image: ClipArt with song lyrics

What does all of this mean? The GOP talks a good game about freedom and civil rights and values but, given their broad-based effort to keep citizens from exercicing their right to vote, we know that fairness, access and equality couldn’t honestly be part of their platform. Efforts to suppress the vote are disproportionately affecting African-Americans, Latinos and the elderly — and that’s the goal…but we’re watching them.

Know this: voter suppression efforts haven’t ceased just because Mitt Romney is galloping around with Rafalca‘s hoof in his mouth.

Freedom isn’t free. Think of your vote as a small down payment — and a privilege.

Register to vote. Verify your registration. Vote early where possible. Use your absentee ballot. Know the deadlines.