If Ann’s Worried, We Should Be Even MORE Worried!

Whillikers! In an interview with a Las Vegas TV station on Friday, Ann Romney told the TV station that her biggest worry if Mitt wins the election is his “mental well being.”


Does that mean we should be worried about it, too? Have you been worried about Mitt’s mental status as of late? I know I have. And one can only imagine that Ann Romney, who knows him better than anyone, can see signs of Mitt’s “choo choo” starting to “chug around the bend” — to use a complicated psychological term.

Should we worry?

Are you worried?

I sure am. The first debate is Wednesday. What if the pressure is too much for Mitt and he snaps and starts stabbing people with his pen?

Who do we blame? Ourselves for putting him in this position? Him, for not seeing his own weaknesses? His wife for realizing he was unstable and doing nothing about it?

Anyone ever read “The Dead Zone,” the Steven King thriller with the demented candidate that the hero has to stop before he can become President?

Is there a psychiatrist in the house?

Watch this video. Then worry.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8b-rW43Jbc&w=500&h=260]


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