Let’s Hope the Debates Will Make Things Worse for Mitt

Perhaps it’s foul to put it quite that bluntly but, as is the case for many of us, election day can’t arrive soon enough. The campaign season seems endless; misleading ads, voter suppression efforts and full-throated lies may be what is expected but that doesn’t make it easier to endure. After all, while the follies go on there’s still a nation to run — and the more time we spend watching an extremely lackluster candidate who is supposed to represent the best that the ‘loyal opposition’ has to offer, it’s now just a matter of time and how disgusted the voting public can become.

The spin doctors are staying quite busy because gaffe after gaffe, from the #RomneyShambles, to Libya, to the ‘47% loafers‘ comments — topped off with his cheap spray-tanned impersonation of a Latino wannabe — Mitt Romney has proven that the real reason he has any support whatsoever is because he’s the one candidate who could survive the GOP primaries relatively unscathed. The likes of Michele Bachmann (bat shit crazy conspiracy theorist); Newt Gingrich (Mr. man-on-the-moon, former leader of government shutdowns, and revisionist historian extraordinaire, complete with replacement spouse); Rick Santorum (Jesus loves the fetuses, hates the gays) and Rick Perry (guns and God, baby!) were so far right that they managed to scare even the Tea Party — or, more likely, the wealthy financiers who are backing the Republican’s version of a political party.

But things went from bad to worse. Case in point: have you seen this video clip of “Mitt’s Sorry Sunday” yet?


Even though it reflects what a bunch of pundits said a week ago, it’s worth repeating to note that one week later, conservative pundits are still slapping their collective foreheads in amazement as they wonder what Mitt Romney could possibly have been thinking throughout most of his campaign.

That was last week. Since then, the Etch-a-Sketch has been shaken.

Fast forward. The face-to-face, mano a mano, man-to-Mitt battle is finally here…

So now we’re awaiting, with popcorn in hand, the first of three scheduled debates, the focus of which is domestic policy. It’s put up or shut up time. It’s time for the candidates to provide direct answers to direct questions. And, if journalists are doing their jobs, the fact-checkers will be working around the clock.

Image: pngwing

Domestic policy issues cover topics with far-reaching impact on the population. The candidates will discuss their roadmap for the future in terms of how our citizens are educated, how we are governed and protected, and how basic services will be provided and government’s role in the decision-making process. Will we continue to spend a staggering percentage of the nation’s revenues on the military? Will we devote fewer resources to social programs while the economy is still in recovery? Will we function as a cohesive society that takes care of its own and respects its elderly after a lifetime of contributions? What are the candidate’s priorities?

If you haven’t already decided (Huh? Seriously?), you will now see.

The bottom line is that we have seen how interesting Mitt can be when he loosens up and says what he really thinks when he believes he’s unwatched and among like-minded 1% friends. When Mitt is feeling good and comfortable, he reveals how things will get worse for those of us who aren’t in his league. When he’s being watched, that’s another story. Silence. Secrecy. Evasiveness. Double-talk. Back-peddling.

But that may not matter because despite what appears to be ‘electile dysfunction‘, Mitt Romney has survived thus far. President Obama cannot assume that this will be easy, especially given Mitt’s ability to take all sides on every issue — and sometimes within the same sentence. So where does that leave the voting public? I’m hoping things will get far worse for Mitt so that they can continue to get better for the rest of us.


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