Onion Soup and Ahmadinejad

I don’t think that even the newshounds among us would remember how to pronounce this man’s name had it not been for Katie Couric’s invention of the mnemonic, “I’m a Dinner Jacket” when she was at CBS.Ahmadinejad is in Onion Soup.

No one who hears this will ever forget how to pronounce his name, but for those of us who have forgotten, Ahmadinejad, the world’s most infamous Holocaust denier, has been the President of Iran since 2005 and, if he has his way, it will be an office for life as he seems to be able to get himself re-elected without sufficient votes.

Meanwhile, the Iranian News Agency, which I’m a Dinner Jacket presumably controls, on September 28th proudly reported on a poll which, in short, concluded that white, rural voters in the USA would rather spend time with President Ahmadinejad than President Obama. The only trouble is that the Iranian News Agency copied the article word-for-word from another news site – or so they thought. For that site is none other than The Onion, the Internet’s first news satire magazine and the whole thing was made-up from whole cloth. The only thing they didn’t copy was the part about Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial; we can’t help but wonder why.


Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.