Yesterday on national TV, Mitt Romney surrogate, John Sununu, called the President of the United States, ‘not so smart, incompetent and lazy‘. This is not the first time Sununu has used racially charged words to describe Barack Obama, and this is not the first time a Romney surrogate has described the President using a racial euphemism. This past summer Sununu even questioned President Obama’s citizenship: “I wish this president would learn how to be an American.” He also said “he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking pot.”

These are words bigots have used to describe black people ever since the Reconstruction Era. This attitude of disrespect for African-Americans was explored in Douglas Brinkley’s “Slavery by Another Name” and it is rooted in racism by white southerners who conspired to make newly freed slaves appear to be lazy, unintelligent and incompetent. This conscious effort to portray African-Americans as subhuman was widespread in the South in the years after reconstruction and has obviously never ended.

This past weekend Tucker Carlson and other right wing news personalities accused the President of being a racist after they “exposed” a 2007 video that Carlson said not one person from main stream media covered in 2007. Carlson knew that to be a true statement because he covered the video in 2007 for CNN. Don’t ask what that is supposed to mean; Jon Stewart of The Daily Show could not figure out what Carlson was trying to say either.

What was all the hubbub? I watched the video twice to see and hear what the big bomb was and I could not. What I listened to was the then Senator Obama speaking to a group of black people at Hampton University. He said racial discrimination and poverty have created some of the poorest neighborhoods in America in reference to the African-American population of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. The same sentiment was spoken on national TV in 2005n — a week after Hurricane Katrina by then President Bush.

The right wing media has made statements that can only be construed as racist in nature by any intelligent person I believe Carlson and Hannity’s calling the President a racist two days before the first debate was a planned attack put out there to once again stir of the white racist who watch their shows and revel in knowing if they call Barack Obama a racist their followers will chant that all the way to the voting booth and to warn the President if he attacks Mitt Romney they will make him look like an angry black man.

Calling Barack Obama lazy is as ludicrous as saying George W. Bush was a workaholic. Lazy — what is that supposed to mean John Sununu? What are you really calling Barack Obama? Are you saying Barack Obama, the first African-American president, is being a lazy good for nothing? You can say it Mr. Sununu we know what you really want to say, but we all know if you did that every non bigot, no matter what party would send your sorry ass back to where ever you came from.

Mitt Romney should make a public apology to President Obama and fire John Sununu immediately. There is no room for racism in a modern society. Governor Romney should take responsibility for Sununu’s words and make a statement denouncing racist rhetoric made by his campaign staff.

The President did not take the race baiting offered by the Romney campaign and was dignified as usual — head held high above the racism of the GOP.