Biden vs. Ryan: The Rumble. Score One for Joe

Body language told the story tonight during the first and only vice presidential debate. For much of the debate, VP Biden showed what many of us felt: a head-shaking disappointment at Paul Ryan’s inability to be honest with the American people. Ryan lost on both foreign and domestic policy.

Ryan gave no real specifics on the economy and no specifics on tax policy. That was expected, if only because the top of his ticket will most likely change his mind by tomorrow morning. Ryan absorbed Joe’s “47% of the American people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives” punch by saying that Mitt Romney cares about all Americans — but Biden landed another blow when he noted that the only part of their economic plan that Ryan can discuss is the part that will directly impact the middle class — i.e., getting rid of the mortgage interest deduction.

One of Biden’s best punches landed when he pointed out that Ryan sent him letters requesting stimulus funds. Considering that The Tea Party is so anti-debt, they won’t be too happy with that reminder and they certainly won’t be thrilled to know that Ryan stated the stimulus would create jobs.

The real embarrasment was not in Joe Biden’s smile and head shake but, instead, calling Mr. Ryan’s bluff and stating clearly that America does not need another war. Mr. Biden forcefully made it clear that Ryan is out of his league in the area of foreign policy. Sanctions against Iran are working, and Afghan troops must step up and take responsibility for events in their own region — a much better option than sending more U.S. troops and staying in the region endlessly. Biden was clear about something the rest of the world knows but Fox News/the GOP refuses to acknowledge: America’s relationships with our European allies are far stronger than they were when President Obama took office.

Bottom line? The Romney Ryan ticket blew it tonight; age and experience won over youth and fancy footwork.


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