America: The Empire

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America at last count was said to have military bases in over 36 countries. The United States’ global influence has grown since President Polk; some argue it is due to economic interests by way of crude resource material, and by way of  business growth opportunity with regard to trading among other nations.  Others would argue it is a direct course of the many, many pieces of legislation nullified since World War II. Grouping these with the intelligence community which began growing after World War II, then exponentially so after 9/11, it’s no wonder people believe the Military Industrial Complex is the driving force behind America as a world empire.

However, the question is not ‘how’ anymore. That time has passed and we are no longer concerned with what we should be but, rather, how to minimize this phenomenon for the betterment of our country. Now the piece of this national puzzle is whether we as a nation are headed the way of Rome. Have we already gone too far down this rabbit hole to correct ourselves? We have increased the budget to defense by billions so that we are above 700bn a year at this point. Have we allocated too much for military expenditures at the expense of the population of 330 million living in these borders? Would the Pentagon be capable of down-scaling if orders were to be given? This is assuming the legislation could get enough support by the people to change minds in Congress.

Since we are the number one military in the world by a wide margin, our movement from a military standpoint is noted around the globe. We are being watched and, according to some,  this will be the way we secure our place in the future of this planet. We have taken fromschools, social projects and our infrastructure to supply funds to the military.

The new Rome. America, the Empire. Whether we made the choice as a people or not, it very well has been decided for us that rather than contribute to the growth of a global community, we will deliver death as the new executioners.

Even though it is bloated, cutting back against the Military Industrial Complex is not going to be easy to say the least. It is so bloated that we don’t
even feel the multiple wars and occupations in which we are currently engaged. So bloated that even during peacetime our forces have grown — and they have grown full of weary soldiers who need to come home.

We would serve ourselves well to remember that President Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex — about how it can swallow a nation and bring an empire to its knees.


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