Did Looman Leave Trail of Fear Pee, Escaping Confrontation with Cops?

Courage is an admirable trait. It’s a trait we want in our leaders. We don’t insist that they have served in the military, but if they have we expect that they at least comport themselves with a degree of honor.

Being involved in a Militia Attack on a southern courthouse then cutting and running for home when the cops show up, leaving friends behind to face the law?

Not honorable.

But, that’s Bill Looman‘s story. It’s one he’s not likely to discuss in his candidacy for the Georgia US Senate seat in 2014. He sure doesn’t talk about it on his website.

But the records are there.

Here’s what we’ve managed to learn with a little applied Googling.

Radell Smith at Examiner.com reported in October:

Dallas, Ga resident Darren Wesley Huff was convicted today by a jury of his peers for his role in the alleged takeover plot of a Monroe County Courthouse. Huff was ordered taken into custody immediately after the jury reached its verdict on Tuesday after the 8-women and 4-man jury veered towards a mistrial Monday afternoon. Sentencing for the 41-year-old Georgia “birther” will take place in February, according to CBS News.Huff came to the attention of law enforcement after bragging to a Chase Bank teller that he and fellow militiamen were planning to pay a visit to Monroe County Courthouse, where fellow milita and retired Navy man Walter Fitzpatrick had failed to secure an indictment against Pres. Barack Obama.

Last May, Huff was sentenced to four years in prison for transporting firearms across state lines with intent to cause a civil disorder.

We’ve found indications that Looman and other members of his Northern Georgia Militia (see attached photo) were with Duff that day, but cut and ran when they saw the cops.

Smith wrote:

The Monroe County Courthouse takeover in Tennessee was to be attempted on April 20 of 2010, but Huff and the 12 militia men with him did not follow through after it was apparent that as many as 100 law enforcement officers were waiting for them in the Tennesse town.According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, while the takeover did not occur, prosecutors still contend that Darren Huff’s words five days earlier to the bank employees – coupled with his actually traveling to Monroe County with two weapons and 300 rounds of ammunition speaks for itself, despite a strong law enforcement presence that disuaded Huff and his fellow militiamen from acting.

Apparently, Looman was one of Huff’s 12 “apostles of hatred.”

This comes from a right wing online newsletter, the Post and E-Mail, dated June 16, 2011.

Fitzpatrick then sent The Post & Email the following additional recollections of April 20, 2010:

The law enforcement presence was like a kicked over hill of red fire ants.

Easily over 200 uniformed police.

There was a platoon strength contingent of police/agents in the courtroom.

Unknown in number but obvious and ubiquitous plain close officers/agents (ear pieces, wires, weapon bulges).

Monroe County Sheriff’s tactically deployed (CAMOs every where).

Tennessee State Troopers.

Many K9 units from various agencies.

Madisonville Police.

The Monroe County Courthouse (two blocks away) was swarming. Federal Agents at that location.

Police/Sheriff’s cruisers everywhere, circulating the streets as sharks roam and converge on a meal.

Sergeant of Marines Bill Looman reports two helos spotted as an airborne umbrella.

Fitzpatrick is the person who attempted to secure an indictment against President Obama. If “Sergeant of Marines Bill Looman” was not there on April 20, 2010, how in the world could he report helicopter sightings?

Apparently, these actions got him kicked out of the Oathkeeper‘s organization.

He received this e-mail from a fellow Oath Keeper asking him to keep his Georgia nose out of Tennessee business.

Bill/Darren/Carl:Bill: Darren’s email is not in the data base, please forward.

I am asking you as a conservative and person interested in advocating for restoration of the Constitution to refrain from further potentially inflammatory activity in the Fitzpatrick trial in Monroe County, TN. Your recent appearance in Madisonville did nothing but corroborate what the local residents and police had hypothesized. Schools were put on standby and municipal offices were closed in anticipation of what turned out to be a non-event or would have been if it had not been for your traffic stop. I do not find your video going beyond CFP and WND to the main stream but it is likely that it will. The “militia” truck and your presence with pistol and assault rifle is the stuff that main stream hysteria is built on. The Fitzpatrick trial is based in the “birther” movement so is not the best venue to make a stand but when the main stream spins your portrayal of the right wing radical, that effort will be dead and the good folks who supported it will crawl away with their tails between their legs. I am pleading with you not to lend your presence to the Madisonville effort on May 4th.

Zeb Blanchard


Again, in Looman’s own words:


I am a little bit disturbed by the events that have been stirring [last night].

I have been made aware that because of my actions surrounding the events that are occurring in Madisonville, TN that I am pending, what I term, a discharge from Oath Keepers.

I feel that I am being considered a rogue. If I am relieved, I will consider this an insult somewhat.

I will not be portrayed as being stupid, ill informed, and a coward.

If this is the path they decide to take then it is my thought that I will support my right to defend the Constitution.I will actually move forward to reach out to active duty Marines, Veterans, and our brothers in the Navy to move forward in the salvation of our country.

It is their right to do whatever they deem is necessary to protect their agenda. Good Luck in your endeavors.

I will put forth an alternative group that will not slander the proud message of OATH KEEPERS in any way, but will build on that message. That message should always be left unstained!

I served my country proudly and will continue to do so as long as our Lord will allow me to breath air on this earth.

Semper Fi and Godspeed,


Bill Looman

PS Goodnight my friend Rex

All of this apparently earned Looman a visit from the Secret Service, which caused him to make changes in some of his alliances. Looman scrubbed himself from the Milita’s Facebook page after the Secret Service visit.

After all, “courage and honor” — that’s important and all. But cutting and running to save your own hide when the cops and Secret Service come calling?

“He who lies and runs away lives to lie another day?”


  1. To obtain a different perspective on what occurred on April 20, 2010 in Madisonville, TN, please register at no charge at The Post & Email (www.thepostemail.com). At least three people who testified for the government at Huff’s trial exactly one year ago are now the subjects of a criminal probe by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, state Comptroller’s office, and the Tennessee Attorney General.