Stupid Questions: 28000 Series – Romney’s Chinese Taxes

Image: MSPPT

You know how people say the only stupid questions are the ones not asked…

In this case stupid question are the ones unasked in the media, because we all know how smart people with “J-School” degrees are.  “J-Schools” are journalism schools that evidently teach their students about ethics and being smarter than everyone else about everything.  Just watch Fox News and you can see some ethical J-school graduates at work.

These are some stupid questions that never seem to get asked:

   Mitt Romney and his Bainettes do business in China. How much do they make?

28001.   Are they paying Chinese taxes on these profits?

28002.   Has Mitt and the Singing Bainettes (a Doo-Wop group?) figured out how to game the Chinese tax system the same way they have pushed the envelope on the American System?

28003.   Mitt Romney makes a lot of money in China. Does Mitt pay more in American Taxes or Chinese Taxes?

28004.   Is it wise to try to rip off the Chinese government for THEIR taxes?

28005.   How does one go about making a Freedom of Information Act request of the Chinese government for Romney’s tax information?

28006.   Do we need to make a request of the State Department for a citizen of this country to petition the Chinese government for this information – or is it a straight bribe to a Chinese Government official?

28007.   If Mitt Romney will not voluntarily release his Chinese tax returns, will the upcoming debate on foreign policy explore this topic?

28008.   If Romney releases his Chinese tax returns and they do not match up  to the U.S. tax return – how will he explain it?

28009.   If there is a mismatch between the two sets of returns – would the IRS investigate?

28010.   If Mitt Romney and the Dancing Bainettes (I got this image of line dancing CPA’s doing a Rockettes imitation in horned-rimmed glasses and suits) got audited by Chinese authorities could we have a situation where a sitting President is under indictment in a Chinese court system for tax fraud?

28011.   Would we honor an extradition treaty with China to bring him to justice?

28012.   Can we avoid these problems if we just re-elect President Obama?