U.S. Economy Experienced 2% Growth in Third Quarter – Good for Nation, Not for GOP

Image: pngwave

A report today noted the nation’s recovery is still slow, but the most recent annualised figures for the period ended September 30th reveal that the economy experienced 2% growth — and that growth was more than originally projected.

Increased strength in the housing market and higher consumer spending resulting from a slight increase in consumer spending are contributing factors.

U.S. economic growth is slow, but not slowing,” said Kathy Bostjancic, director for macroeconomic analysis at the Conference Board. It was also noted by the Los Angeles Times that “growth slowed sharply in the second quarter because of global economic troubles, most notably in Europe, and the negative impact of the Midwestern drought.”

Why is this worth mentioning?

Because though it’s slow, it’s still growing.

The POTUS’ plans, especially in the face of a slow global economy, still need time to work. Now isn’t the time to move backwards with Mitt Romney’s plans that would increase the deficit and could leave the nation facing another recession.

You’d think the GOP would be happy about the good news. But they’re not. Party first.


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