El Rushbo rides again, with groupies!

Conservative loudmouth Rush Limbaugh ranted about a funny Obama for President ad featuring HBO TV show “Girls” actress Lena Dunham, titled “First Time.” Yes, the same Rush Limbaugh who lost a ton of advertisers not too many months ago after calling Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a “slut.”  Turns out college dropout Limbaugh didn’t fare well in that exchange.

Well, El Rushbo has a new gal pal, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.). Our “Jack Daniels’ State” Michele Bachmann plopped herself down on Limbaugh’s larded lap with an “open letter” chiding one of President Obama’s latest campaign ads. Sorry, Marsha, but Rush’s tastes in gal pals runs a couple of decades younger. Fortunately, for Mrs. Limbaugh IV, the Rushbo household can easily afford a cute pool boy and a gardener.

“Women for Romney” brings to mind Ann Romney scratching her likely professionally chemically-tended blonde head wondering why other American women just didn’t cut to the chase and just hook up with a millionaire scion in their late teen years. That’s right up there with “Dog Lovers For Michael Vick” or “Hadassah Hotties for Ahmadinejad.”

Apparently, Dunham’s lighthearted ad spot, “First Time” also got Blackburn’s dour, Puritanical grandma bloomers in a bunch. Now, never mind Rep. Blackburn’s moral “family values” streak didn’t extend to fellow Tennessee anti-choice G.O.P. Rep. Scott “Bawdy Bedside Manners” Desjarlais’ arm-twisting phone abortion consult with a possibly knocked-up patient-cum-mistress.

One has to laugh at the pious hypocrisy of too many Republican women. Remember 2010 Tea Party Senatorial flop Sharron “Wacky” Angle (R) in Nevada railing against forcing insurers to cover obstetric care, citing that she was years past the “mommy-track?” Granny Blackburn promotes a Republican “no choice”, stance compounded with denying Americans real access to health care. What’s Blackburn’s vote on the conservatives’ dislike of the minimum wage and tax incentives for job offshorers? “Freedom” cures everything?

Full disclosure: I lived with a couple of Republican women back around the Macarena era. Unlike the latter-day ones, they weren’t extreme or crazy. Their social views would get them burned at the stake in today’s Republican witch hunts.

Rep. Blackburn, the partisan “party girl”,  has frequently climbed in the political sack with Congress’ looniest Righties.  One of her “top issues” is saving the power-hungry incandescent light bulb. Forget Mitt Romney’s “turn back the clock” varying stands for 1950’s “family values”, 1920s Wall Street “free markets”, and Bush-era foreign and regulatory policies, there are some loons in the House of Representatives, namely, Granny Blackburn, who want to turn energy efficiency technology back to the Thomas Alva Edison glory days era. “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, she ain’t.

I seem to recall that a “Drill, Baby, Drill” production-only energy policy didn’t work out all that well for Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol. Oops, that was “Reproduction.” Made money for the Palin family biz: self-promotion, though.

Marsha, you’re a bit long in the tooth for all too many conservative men, seeking the Fountain of Youth with an open-ended Viagra prescription. Despite this columnist’s long-held preference for the allure of “older women”, you and your crocodile-tear chiding of a campaign ad turns me off. I am “pro-marriage;” thank goodness most of the crazy ones are married. Some other guy’s problem.

Over the hill Marsha Blackburn needs sending out to pasture, and with her, plenty of Tea Bag Republican company in the herd.


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