Mitt Romney: The “Post Truth” Candidate…An apple that fell far from its tree

Years ago, Mitt Romney’s father, George, noted that it should be a given that candidates running for president should release multiple years of tax returns. George Romney released 12 years of returns. His son, today, hasn’t followed that tradition. Mitt and his wife, think similarly on that issue as Ann said that they’ve given “all you people need to know.”

George and Mitt Romney: The Apple Has Fallen Far From the Tree

Years ago, George Romney was said to be — whether one agreed with him or not — a transparent man of principle. Today, his son is not — as evidenced by his campaign’s double-down statement: “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.

Have we entered a new era when candidates believe that they will no longer be called on their inconsistencies?

Has politics reached a new low?

Is this the new face of political campaigns?

Many of us expect our politicians to fudge the truth somewhat, based on their own perceptions, but has the GOP begun what will be a tradition of ‘post truth’?

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy said privately that, “The one fellow I don’t want to run against is [George] Romney.”

JFK was referring to George Romney’s popularity for his integrity — and George wasn’t popular solely within his party but even among those who were thought to be more likely to vote for a Democrat: employee unions.

All these years later, the Romney ticket is fueled, in part, by its disdain for government and unions, and at least 53% of the American public. Simultaneously, George’s son is not known for his integrity – either in business or in politics.

And, sadly?

Based on the fact that Mitt Romney has been allowed to become the defacto leader of the GOP, with his full-throated untruths unchallenged by many in the mainstream media, it seems that we are now officially in the era of the “post truth” candidate.

And if Romney were to win the presidency (*shudder*) we should expect that the post-truth era is here to stay.

A vote against Romney is a vote that says we expect more than what we’ve been given.



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