This is it.

“If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bull…”

Ergo, the final week of campaign strategy for Myth Romney and Lyin’ Ryan. Flooding the airwaves with oft-repeated (and debunked) falsehoods prove the effectiveness of the asbestos in Mittens’ magic undies, and the inability of Queen Ann to park one of her Caddys in the La Jolla, California latest manse elevatored underground garage for all the Washington Post fact checker Pinocchios. German propagandist Dr. Joseph Goebbels would blush at the copied technique. At least the Republicans skipped burning the Reichstag and arresting the opposition.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Despite Republican attempts to keep Ann Romney’s We the “You People” from exercising some democracy in this republic, many Righty voter impediments didn’t pass judicial muster. That does not mean Republican “voter fraud” stormtroopers won’t be out to challenge your most fundamental right. For those of us who have already voted, thank you. For the rest of you, it is imperative that your vote be counted.

The guy who tells us he knows how to ‘grow’ the economy won’t even release several years of his upper income (not rate) tax returns. Didn’t Mittens’ tony private Cranbrook School For Rich Kids require “showing your work” in math class?

The Quarter Billion Dollar Man From Bain tells Americans he wants more jobs and bigger paychecks for normal folks, but he’s the guy who preyed upon companies, sacking workers, lowering pay and killing pensions and health insurance, and enforced leaving the carcass feeding gorge-a-thon with tons of loot. Forget union manufacturing jobs, Bishop Mitt and the Bain Boys have single-figure per hour economic Salt Lake City “salvation” for the lucky ones among us. At Staples.

In the arena of foreign policy, Mitt promises “leadership.” The world saw how much of a fool he made of himself during the London Olympics.

Mitt skipped out on the Vietnam War he supported, for the “combat” of terrorizing the French countryside from a chateau with a hokey fable book best read with special jeweled specs worn by Joseph Smith in the nineteenth century. Mitt promises to vastly increase military spending even as President Obama ends the credit card Bushie wars. None of Mitt & Ann’s boys bothered to serve in uniform. Somehow, being some hokey “missionary” is “equal” to the rest of us serving in uniform, or serving our communities, sometimes in harm’s way? Baloney.

Flip-flopping Mitt Romney has blown out more beach sandals than Jimmy Buffett on a bar crawl, changing his position with virtually every audience. None good for America. The polls are just too close. Too many Americans seem snowed by Bishop Myth’s foundering sales pitch for a Mormon Margarita. His “marketing campaign” is so well moneyed, he seems to want to lull us into sleepy submission with a half-baked mantra.

In the voting booth, there is equality. Your vote counts just as much as each of the Koch Brothers. Just as much weight as Karl Rove’s lever pull. Your vote counts every bit as much of Sheldon Adelson‘s, despite his vast Vegas shekels. But you have to vote. Please. Conservative Republicans are afraid of your vote.  They have tried, and continue to try, to silence your voice as an American. Don’t let them.

Don’t worry about the Romneys becoming homeless. They have several homes now, as it is.