Peace? Not on Bibi’s Watch

Once again the Israeli government under the misleadership of Benjamin Netanyahu has shown it has no desire or intention on establishing any semblance of peace between its Arab neighbors. In a move that has received sharp criticism from the international community, Israel snubs its nose in the face of its “closest” ally as well as the rest of the world.

New homes in Pisgat Zeev that Israel ordered to be fast-tracked. Photo: Sebastian Scheiner/AP

The Israel Land Authority recently announced it is accepting construction bids for 1,213 homes to be built beyond the green line. According to the Ir Amim Organization this would boost the total number of houses that were put up for bid in east Jerusalem just this year alone to 2,386 — making it a ten-year record high.

Germany, France and the UK all have denounced the decision. EU foreign ministry chief Catherine Ashton said “Settlements are illegal under international law and threaten to make a two-state solution impossible.”

Washington is “deeply disappointed by the announcement of advanced planning for new housing units in sensitive areas of east Jerusalem,” State Department spokesman PJ Crowley told reporters. He went on to state the United States sees the announcement as “counter-productive to our efforts to resume direct negotiations between the parties,” and noted that it “undermines trust.”

But despite any disparaging words or finger shaking Israel will continue to do what it pleases. “We have built Jerusalem, we are building Jerusalem and we will continue to build Jerusalem. This is our policy and I will continue to back building in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said. And there you have it.   The Netanyahu administration continues to violate international law carte blanche because Bibi as well as those he share his position know nothing will come of his defiance. There will be no meaningful action taken against the state of Israel. The $3 billion gravy train will keep on coming from Washington and, most of all, the majority of Israelis and Jews worldwide will not take a firm stand against this injustice. In the words of Albert Einstein,

“The World will not be destroyed by those that do evil; but by those who watch them without doing anything.”


  1. Larry Polsky says

    What else is new? By the way, I understand Bibi is married to a real bitch and that doesn’t help………

  2. Larry Polsky says

    A CENSURE MOTION should be issued against Netanyahoo – he has more influence within America than our very own Congressmen. We must support a more peace oriented candidate in Israel – we don’t want another war!


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