This is a Democracy

The 2012 elections are history and Barack Obama has been re-elected President of the United States. In winning, he pulled along three senate and one congressional seat, expanding the Democrats majority in the Senate and reducing the Republican majority by one in the House.

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In President Obama’s outstanding victory speech, he mentioned how some had to endure voter intimidation, suppression and long lines to vote. Mr. Obama went on to say that was not the American way, and changes will be made.

What happened across many states is indefensible in a country that proclaims it is the democratic model for the world. The election brought out the worst in some people and the best in others — and it looks like the good guys won.

This election was a sixteen round heavy weight knock down drag out brawl, and the tough, street smart Barack Obama beat the silver spoon fed Mitt Romney, who took it on the chin and could not get off the mat in one of the bloodiest campaigns on record.

Millions were spent by the plutocrats in an effort to sway the outcome of the election and their unfettered avalanche of money was beat back by organized labor, teachers, and other civil servants and working people across every battle ground state.

The election of 2012 will mark the day the people of the United States defeated the Republican machine that pushed social issues and a dismantling of the middle class safety net by billionaires.

The election also marked the turning point in the demographics of the American electorate. Mitt Romney won 61% of the white vote. The same percentage that sent George H. Bush to a landslide victory in 1988 was only good for second place 24 years later.

Asian-Americans, Hispanics, and women voters overwhelmingly supported the election of Barack Obama — and minority voters are now the backbone of the Democratic Party. In the State of New Hampshire every top elected official from the state is now a woman. Minority candidates all across the country were elected to political office and many were not just supporters of Barack Obama they were out front in their campaigning for the President and his point of view. The Democratic party is like the Statue of Liberty — ready and willing to open its doors to all who want to make America their home, no matter their race, creed, color or sexual orientation.

The election of 2012 will be looked back on as the day another immigrant renaissance exploded on the American landscape, ushering in a new sense of patriotism like immigrants before them felt when they casted their first votes for FDR and presidents before him.

Just like the immigrants of old who flocked to the Democratic Party the new immigrants are doing the same, bringing with them their cultural heritage, language and spirit. The melting pot of America is the Democratic Party and in that pot of multicultural experiences a new vibrant recipe for democracy is being brewed by the head chef Barack Obama.

Like a master craftsman the President has created a coalition of the hungry, the young and the new. Adding a little bit here and a little bit there to create a party with the fastest growing segments of society and, in doing so, leaving the Republicans scratching their head wondering where they will get people to support their philosophy of exclusion, intimidation and regression.

All the people who stood in line and waited in the cold for hours or who were intimidated and threatened, forged ahead anyway and exercised their right to vote, won the election for Barack Obama and the rest of the country. Their sacrifice and perseverance is what won this election and what will win elections for time to come. Barack Obama is President today because of the new face of America, a young vibrant multicultural explosion of people from all across the world.



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