We Are the Champions

Image: ClipArt

If you’re a regular reader of this site you know that each week we choose a song that reflects weekly events. In light of President Obama’s re-election, there is no more appropriate song than Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”

Are we gloating? Perhaps. But it’s not without the realisation that we still have much work to do in this country.



  1. I will admit that I was not one who wanted to see Obama re elected but now that he has we need to all rally and try to make the most of the next 4 years as I would have expected everyone to have done even if the election had gone the other way!

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      I don’t expect the GOP to rally in support of the President, no matter what the majority of voters have said. He won by an even larger majority the first time around and they have done nothing but obstruct ever since — even from the very first day, on his inauguration, as is documented in numerous articles and a book about the GOP’s meeting. The unfortunate reaction of many, in and out of politics, since the President’s re-election shows that it’s still about ‘party first, not country’. I agree “well need to all rally” but that’s not is what’s happening. Some people are, in fact, rioting and signing petitions to secede from the Union. That doesn’t sound like people who are ready to move on. The left survived Bush and didn’t plan insurrection. The right isn’t as gracious.