Even More Schadenfreude: Karl Rove Going Down for the Third Time

Political strategists come and go like football coaches, sliding into obscurity when their team loses, but this guy? Karl Rove? He’s been doing this since the 1970s! In all that time, he’s invented more dirty tricks than Nixon! Hell — he practically coined the phrase, “that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.”

Karl Rove is Still Rich, but He's Going Down for the Third Time.

Sticking it to us, more like it.  And Bush’s Brain, with a net worth of $6,600,000 (that we know of), may not be a top-level 1%-er, but he’s filthy rich. Now, however, there are rumblings among the Neocon pundits, movers and shakers that, perhaps, he shouldn’t be entrusted with another important election as, this time, he wasted nearly a billion dollars, and what did he get? He got chance to argue with the analysts at Fox News as to whether Mitt Romney still had a chance to win Ohio, this after he’d lost the rest of the country. There’s a tendency to think that we’ve now seen the last of Karl Rove, but watch out…  For despite his wealth, he’s almost certainly addicted to power and influence, so we’d better hope that Texas really secedes, as thousands of Texans are threatening, so we can dump him someplace safe.


Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.


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