To President Obama: A letter upon your re-election

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Dear Mr. President,

A week ago, I stood in line at my assigned voting location in a precinct that I don’t think has ever been blue in the history of ever.  Besides my husband and maybe one or two other like-minded young souls, I was alone in my vote for you there.

Four years ago, I proudly displayed my “Obama/Biden” sign in my yard. Even when, on Halloween, a young trick or treater begged me not to vote for you. I was at the end of my first trimester with my oldest son, and I can remember sucking on hard candy in hopes that I wouldn’t gag in the voting booth.

Twice I have voted for you, Mr. President.

The first was with a head and heart full of hope. I was swept away, like most of America, with your intoxicating speaking skills and your promises of a better tomorrow…if only we would vote you in.

We did. By a pretty good landslide.

(Side note: who remembers the Saturday night before Election Day when both McCain and Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live. John McCain was basically admitting defeat then…a full three days before anyone cast a vote.)

This year, I did not go to the polls with that same giddy feeling.

I went in with my cheat sheet post-it note for the proposals in my state, and for which judges I wanted, but I didn’t fidget with nervous and excited energy like I did four years ago.

This year I filled in the oval next to your name and said a little prayer.

To be honest, when Mitt Romney first announced he was running for president I didn’t think it would be so bad. I didn’t hate his work as governor, much like I was fairly optimistic about John McCain…at first.

But over the campaign trail Romney proved to be a puppet for the conservative Republicans and he quickly lost my interest.

There was no way someone who wanted to limit women’s rights, destroy the middle class, and defund public education was getting my vote.

So I went back to you, Mr. President.

Someone whom I have been standing up for even though you aren’t doing the things you promised, even if that is not entirely your fault.

Yes, it’s easy to blame George W., but let’s be honest. It’s been four years. We can’t blame him for everything forever (although I did just blame him for a hole I found in my pajama pants, so maybe we can).

While I agree that it is totally the GOP’s fault that we are where we are (because they are sore losers who do things like hold secret meetings and plot things against you like a bunch of Doofenshmirtzs instead of actually trying to do what is best for the country), I still hold onto the hope that you can bring those Doof’s around.

You don’t have an easy task in front of you. The people you have been elected to work with still pretty much only care about themselves and making you look bad. Which is a shame, really, because it’s their job to work for the People. Something I know you are trying to do.

Mr. President, our country is in a bad place. We need jobs for middle class people. Scratch that, we need jobs across the board. Education needs help. While I agree with high expectations, no one can expect teachers to do it with nothing. And no one can expect children in poverty to suddenly make leaps big enough to get them scholarships to college (because for some of them, that is the only way they can afford to go).

We have to quit spending so much money (although to be fair, you have spent the least of any president in like, my entire life, but still…we have debt. A big one. Not one you made, but one you need to fix. That is how these things work, after all).

We have to raise taxes…for awhile…to pay off our debt.

We need to work together.

Instead of being hopeful as you settle in for the long haul of another term, I am nervous.

I’m not doubtful of your intent or that you will keep trying to push through bills for jobs for veterans (what evil jerk blocks a bill for jobs for vets? Oh yeah, the GOP) and more funding for education.

What does leave me a little pessimistic is that you will be fighting the same uphill battle for the next four years. That all the good you talk about and inspire us with will be for nothing because instead of trying things that might fix problems and make our lives happier and more whole, those in congress and the senate want you to fail.

And wanting YOU to fail means the UNITED STATES fails.

I believe you both want the United States to be better. I do.

You have wanted it since you started campaigning in 2007.  Shoot you wanted it before then.

So what are we going to do, Mr. President?

How can we make it happen? What can we do to soften the hearts of the incredibly selfish GOP members (not all of them are this way, but enough are) to see that what they are doing is ruining America?

I believe in YOU, Mr. President. But I am scared of who you work with.

I hope to have my faith restored in the next four years.

Unfortunately, I am not holding my breath.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.”
~The Lorax by Dr. Seuss


  1. Ugh! You have read my mind deary! I have been thinking of writing a very similar letter. Great post.

  2. I love this. Every single word. I stand behind our president, no matter who he is or what party he represents. That’s just the way it should be.

  3. Bravo. I wish he would read this. The biggest problem, as you noted, is that the GOP wants Obama to fail. How horrible is that? Shouldn’t they work together to make things better instead of trying to sabotage our country? Obviously it didn’t work during the first term. And now some crazies are trying to secede from the Union… Is this the 1860s?

  4. Well written. You need to realize that the policies that help the economy are exactly opposite of the policies that lower the deficit and debt. In hard times, you need to increase spending to aid economic growth, and in good times, you need to lower the deficit and debt. Also, the debt isn’t the horrible things it’s made out to be. It’s like your mortgage. It would be nice to accelerate the payments and pay less interest. But until you can do that, just meeting your monthly payment will always keep you from losing your home. And in bad economic times, you understand it’s not the time to worry about accelerating your mortgage when you have other concerns. The government has always met its payments, and no one can come take our country away as long as we do. So give the president a little breathing room to get the economy back on it’s feet, and after we’re in better shape, get back on his case about fixing the debt. You’ll rest better if you do. Like you, I’m not holding my breath quite yet, but I do know I can ‘t hope for both fixes at once, so I’m pinning my hopes on strengthening the economy for now.


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