NEVER MIND MY NEW BOOK (Which is 50% off until Dec. 1) — CRIMES have been committed!

OK, either you’re interested in the new book by now or you’re not. What we’re interested in now at the Patriot-Ombudsman is justice. Crimes have been committed and the people who committed them need to stand before the bar to answer for their wrongdoing.

Here’s the book that I hope you will consider purchasing, especially since it’s only $7.50 until December 1. Because I love you. That’s why.

Here’s what we’ve established.

1. Ali Akbar, Devon Wills and John Dennis Pedrie have established an organization called “The National Bloggers Club.” After initially calling themselves a 501(c)3, meaning donors could expect to deduct their donations come tax time, we established through the IRS that they were not authorized to claim that status. That, in and of itself, is not a crime. Raising money under false pretenses is a crime.

2. Vice & Victory, an agency headed up by Aaron Marks and Ali Akbar, raised money to create the National Bloggers Club from funds they gathered to put on their first BlogBash at CPAC ’12. Were donors told that their donations were going to be used for the purpose of assisting conservative bloggers in their various legal battles? And why were some “sponsors” at the $10,000 level organizations that paid NOTHING to Vice and Victory?

3. The National Bloggers Club was established, it seems, to help defray expenses for R. Stacy McCain and Aaron Walker, who claim that they were forced to relocate after nefarious terroristic threats made by Brett Kimberlin. The real reasons for McCain having to move from the Seventh Day Adventist enclave in which he lived, according to published reports, are the same reasons that he was forced out of the Washington Times — his virulent racist rants and writings. The church wanted no part of it, and the Times was cleaning out the racist writers at the time. When McCain says he is raising money to keep body and soul together because of Kimberlin’s “threats,” he is lying and he is raising money under false pretenses and that is a felony.

4. Likewise, Aaron Walker claims he lost his job due to terrorist threats made by Kimberlin, and he asks his readers to help defray his expenses because he can’t find a new job. A letter from the lawyer hired to dispose of Walker says he was fired, not because of Kimberlin, but because he was identified as the creator of a hateful, Islamophobic, “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day” website intended to inflame American Muslim passions and cause the kind of violence that spread across Europe and the Middle East when a Danish cartoonist blasphemed the Islamic prophet. Besides that, the lawyer said in his letter, Walker was pretty much just a crappy lawyer. When Walker claims on his blog that he needs money because Kimberlin’s threats cost him his job, he is raising money under false pretenses, and that is a felony.

5. The National Bloggers Club founded a Breitbart Memorial Scholarship Fund. People donated to this fund, which was created without the permission of the Breitbart family, the Breitbart estate and the Breitbart publishing empire. There has been no accounting for how that money was spent. Every cent the National Bloggers Club raised for the Breitbart Memorial Scholarship Fund was raised under false pretenses, and that is a felony.

6. The National Bloggers Club, at its inception, promised to give its members regular and full accountings of how their money was spent. The organization was incorporated in February 2012. There has not been an accounting. Requests for accounting are ignored or, even worse, mocked. Notorious right wing blogger Larry Sinclair was an early member of the National Bloggers Club. He asked Akbar to tell him what was being done with member dues. Akbar told Sinclair to “fuck off.” If the National Bloggers Club cannot prove that the money they have raised since incorporation has been used for the direct benefit of the bloggers they claim to represent, they raised money under false pretenses and the directors — including Michelle Malkin — are guilty of a felony.

7. Any amount of time that Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey spends on his blogging activities, or on his plotting and planning with Aaron Walker in his lawsuit against Kimberlin, done on government time would amount to a theft of money from the taxpayers of Los Angeles. At best, if it can be proven that Patterico did any work on county time, he should be immediately fired and lose all benefits. At worst he could face charges.

8. Lee Stranahan has a past involving prostituting his own wife. We are not sure what the statute of limitations for such a crime would be in Texas, but there seem to be some child endangerment issues involved here as, during his pornographer days, Stranahan did shooting in his own home studio and the kids are all home-schooled. Did Daddy toss them into a closet while Mommy was fucking strangers at $200 a pop? Who watched the kids when Mommy went out on one of her “personal print delivery” runs where she would spend two whole hours with the lucky recipient of the prints who coughed up the $600 for such personalized service? Did they sit in the car waiting with Daddy while Mommy was in the house fucking? At the very least, Child Welfare needs to examine this family. And recall that in September, Stranahan claimed that your Jovial Editor had made threats against him and his wife and kids, threats that were instantly dismissed as bullshit by the Howard County, Maryland, Police that Stranahan sent to the editor’s house. But he raised who knows HOW much money on Pay Pal, telling his deluded and simple followers, including Michelle Malkin, that he needed the money to move to a safe location. Two months have gone by. Stranahan has not relocated. Raising money under false pretenses is a felony.

There, we have eight instances of laws being broken. My new book can expose these lowlifes. But we have no standing to bring charges against them. And, frankly, I’m worried what a desperate Karl Rove might DO to an unprotected, hubris-laden, dumbass like Ali!

(Please disregard the mention of my new book, available at, where you can also find the discount code that will give you 50% off the purchase price until Dec. 1. That is not what this column is about. It’s about JUSTICE!)

There must be someone with a legal background reading these words who has some idea of what to do next, because these people are shameless. A book that calls attention to their activities might slow them down, but it won’t stop them. Only the law can do that.

Have I mentioned my new book?

(Barbara Broido is an artistic genius. Tell her I said so.)


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