Isreali Offensive on Gaza – Failure of Leadership

Image: Creative Commons

War – this red sign of human madness – is raging once again in the conflict-laden Gaza area as Israeli military offensive allegedly targets anti-Israel militants hiding there. But reports from international media reveal that innocent blood is being spilled too as collateral damage. No doubt Israel’s offensive is condemnable and the excuse of targeting militants is lame because no innocent lives must be lost – whether they are Israelis, Palestinian, or of any other nationality. War must not be imposed on civilians, or anyone at all.

Given the above, those Islamist-backed militants who target Israeli civilians are also responsible for this mayhem that is making headlines for about a week now. True soldiers fight face to face; they don’t hide among civilians and bring them in the line of fire. If there is a true Islam one can ever boast of, it teaches sacrifice – though that word might be abused as an excuse to kill innocent animals and indulge in overeating; in its true sense, it would mean saving life, keeping other innocent lives above your own.

Sadly, even in the 21st century, both Israel and the Muslim world have failed so pathetically in settling their decades-long battle over the land in this region through a peaceful, civilized process. There obviously is no balance of power as Israel and its western allies are militarily superior as well as more resourceful; or else, perhaps there may have been a little more hesitation on Israel’s side in launching offensives like the current one. But the power to fight is not a durable solution. It just adds to fear of the enemy. The real solution is only to “delete” the enemy, not militarily but conceptually. Make peace, and then there is no “enemy”.

Over the decades, one big failure of both sides in the region, as obvious to this scribe, is the failure of strong leaders willing to establish peace through negotiations. Those that did were removed through assassinations and, possibly, more secret conspiracies, so that those that remained in power continues to further the pro-violence policy of “fight the enemy”. Thanks to biased and sensationalist media, this policy remained a big success. But media does play its analytical role in digging the possible political motives underlying war. The Turkish head of state has openly called Israel’s attack a political stunt by a terrorist state (referring to the coming elections) while Egypt appears to have taken a more mature role by mediating ceasefire talks.

Tonight, let’s send our wishes for the blind religio-political madness to end on both sides and hope for peace to precipitate before more innocent lives are lost.