Racist Road Rage

On the way home from errands in the old home turf of Morristown, NJ, Barbara and Jeffrey were tooling along on I-287 in NJ, just South of the New York Thruway, when they found themselves behind an old, dilapidated pick-up truck with Tennessee plates, plastered with anti-Obama, anti-Tax, anti-IRS, and, in general, anti-thinking bumper stickers.

Racist Road Rage.

At one point, the driver passed them in the center lane and he saw their lone, small Obama bumper sticker. He pulled up to their car in the right lane, gave them the finger, the Full Fongool, and screamed repeatedly at the top of his lungs, “Obama lover!  Nigger lover!  Fuck you!” And despite Jeffrey’s having mellowed considerably over the decades, and despite a daily 50mg dose of sertraline hydrochloride, Jeffrey flared up, lowered his window, gave the teabagger the finger over the roof of the car and (he still can’t believe he did this at the age of 65.5) screamed at him at the top of his lungs whilst (*GASP*) inching the car over to the right lane, “Pull Over! Get Off The Road!”  Barbara nearly fainted, Jeffrey pulled himself together rather quickly, and the next time he looked in the mirror the truck from Tennessee was gone, apparently having pulled off at the next exit.

Perhaps we have discovered the real reason that, as much as he’s loved by thinking people, President Obama is so thoroughly hated by those who are still fighting The War of Northern Aggression.


Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.