Right Wingers Find New Mary Jo Kopechne

Two of these people, dead before their time, are used by Republicans to raise a lot of money. One was killed by a Republican. Nobody raises a cent for that one.

The victim had every reason to believe there was a long, successful life ahead. Seated in the car, there was no reason to worry, no way to know that death was just seconds away. When the victim was eventually taken to the morgue, there was talk that the death was not accidental. But the killer was never charged in the untimely death of someone so young, someone whose life held so much promise.

Laura Welch never had to answer for killing her former boyfriend, 17-year old Michael Douglas, t-boning his car when she sped past a stop sign on a clear, Texas night, throwing Douglas from his car, breaking his neck, killing him instantly.

No, Laura never had to answer for the death. She married a young oil baron whose main goal in life was owning a baseball team. His name was George W. Bush.

Bring up Laura Bush’s role in the death of young Michael Douglas, conservatives bubble over with reasons why she should not be held to blame.

Carl DeLong, however, had the bad luck of seeing a gym bag that had a bomb in it. He went to pick it up. It exploded, tearing off one of his legs, amputating two fingers. Brett Kimberlin had never met Carl Delong. He was convicted for a series of bombings in Speedway, Indiana in the 1970s, along with other crimes, and went to prison.

He has since been paroled and works for social justice with an organization called the Justice Through Music Project. And he can never, never, NEVER be forgiven for killing a man that he did not kill. Never mind that most of the people who hate Kimberlin with a white-hot passion would never recognize Carl DeLong if they were alone in an elevator with him. They would be able to tell you NOTHING about the man, save for the oft-repeated “he was a Vietnam vet” as if that meant something to a generation of right wingers who avoided military service like dogs avoid stepping in their own poop.

Carl DeLong is the Breitbart generation’s version of Mary Jo Kopechne. After all the social good Senator Teddy Kennedy did for America, for the less fortunate, for those who were disenfranchised by society, Kennedy’s death was greeted with glad tidings by Andrew Breitbart and his supporters. You would think they knew Mary Jo Kopechne personally, and that Kennedy had held her head under water until the bubbles stopped, instead of making several panicked attempts to find her in the dark water before giving up. His handlers kept him from police until he could pass a breathalyzer. Nobody bothered to check Laura Welch for alcohol in 1963.

Breitbart’s survivors use the image of Carl DeLong just like Kennedy haters used Miss Kopechne. Even though DeLong took his own life five years after the explosion that maimed him, they blame his death on Kimberlin. Just like Kopechne gave the right wing sufficient justification to hate Kennedy, even though they wouldn’t be able to tell you a detail of the girl’s life, Kimberlin’s detractors use DeLong’s suicide as justification to hate Kimberlin and to declare him guilty of crimes he was never even charged with, let alone convicted of.

The reason is simple, of course. Teddy Kennedy was a fund-raising godsend for the right wing. All the right wing organizations had to do was send out mailers reminding people of the young girl Teddy “murdered” in his car that night in 1969 and the money flowed like wine.

The lesson was not lost on Aaron Walker, R. Stacy McCain, Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, Lee Stranahan, Ali Akbar, and the others connected to them who continue to use Brett Kimberlin as a modern-day Freddy Kruger… lurking around every corner, skulking in every bush. Waiting to strike again, to kill without mercy.

Kimberlin wanted to know the name of an anonymous lawyer assisting someone in a nuisance lawsuit. He learned that Aaron Worthing was actually attorney Aaron Walker, author of the “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day” blog. This being revealed amounted to a death threat. You can raise money from a death threat.

When R. Stacy McCain alleged that Kimberlin called McCain’s wife’s employer to see if there was some way the employer could get McCain off his back, that turned into another death threat in which McCain took to the breeze, leaving his wife and kids behind in Hagerstown (he says) to protect them, because if he wasn’t there then he was free to keep writing about this ravenous wolf in human skin known as Kimberlin who certainly would never even think of murdering McCain’s wife and piglets if Papa Pig wasn’t home. He raised a lot of money on that.

In fact, on a smaller scale, Kimberlin has been a cash cow for these Breitbart remnants like Kennedy was for the Republican party. If you do a search for ALL the names, Brett Kimberlin, R. Stacy McCain, Patrick Frey or Patterico, Mandy Nagy, Aaron Worthing, Lee Stranahan and Ali Akbar… put all those names in quotes in a Google search bar.

1,320 hits. 1,320 web sites where McCain and Frey and Nagy and Worthing and Akbar and Stranahan are in fear of their lives and asking readers to send them money. For God’s sake, only YOUR DONATIONS will allow them to stay alive long enough to continue the fight against this monster who has hurt no one, damaged no property, and has lived a blameless life since his parole in 2001.

McCain, Frey, Nagy, Worthing, Akbar, Stranahan, et. al., NEED you to be AFRAID that Brett Kimberlin is in the bushes outside YOUR house, lurking in the dark, holding a bomb… waiting. Just waiting. And only they can keep you safe, but they will need your money to do it.

Beats working for a living.


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