The Great Blogcast Debate!

Gosh. I’m so excited to have been part of Blogcasting history. I hope that all five listeners to Lee Stranahan‘s show this Sunday afternoon (thank God the Packers game was already over, or I would have missed it — GO PACK!)

I will give Stranny credit. He knew it was me. He took the call. I’m thinking he might have a portion of a testicle after all in that otherwise empty scrotum of his.

But he dominated the conversation by placing me on mute and not allowing me to answer or put questions to him. I did my best to challenge his lies. I asked him if he had used any of the money stupid people have donated to his moving effort to actually “move” (he would not answer) and I asked him about prostituting his wife. Twice. Told him I had proof. That’s when he threw me off the show.

Listen. Enjoy. It’s Blogcasting History.


(Portion broadcast under fair use provisions of US Copyright Law. Fuck you, Stranahan!)

I imagine his spin will be I didn’t lay a glove on him. Easy claim to make when you control the mute button.

But I think I did OK by raising questions he would not answer. Sorry about my Parkinson‘s speech difficulties. I still have a GOOD voice, but it fails me sometimes as you will hear — which is why I REALLY do not like using the telephone.

Oh… here’s the proof Stranny says I don’t have that he pimped his wife.

Oh, the OUTRAGEOUS lies!