I get my way! says Emperor Michael Bloomberg: Hillary should get my job!

New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is used to getting his way.

New York had a term limit law that stated mayors could serve two consecutive terms until Mr. Bloomberg had the law changed because he believed he was the only person capable of running a city the size of New York — with its myriad of issues and constituents — during a national financial crisis. We won’t talk about how the mayor wanted the term limits law changed back to two terms once his term is up. He gets his way.

The Mayor decided that New Yorkers can’t control themselves where their diets are concerned so he decided that sugar highs and obesity should be a thing of the past. He got his way. No more big-gulp sodas shall be sold in movie houses. So much for the thought that citizens should have a right to make their own decisions — he was on a health kick. Limiting salt and adding bicycle paths to every dangerous roadway in the city so that New York could more closely resemble Amsterdam has come to pass. After all, forget the consequences. He gets his way.

Now that it’s nearly time to leave office, the mayor wants to ensure that his visions are carried out so he is giving thought to who is best suited to further his legacy. And that person would be Hillary Clinton. ‘You should be my successor!’ says the mayor.

Never mind that Mrs. Clinton used to be a U.S. Senator. Never mind that Mrs. Clinton is winding down her time as Secretary of State, a national leadership position of international importance. Never mind that Mrs. Clinton has said that she still wants to serve the public but, after years of the most incredibly strenuous travel schedule known to any Secretary of State that she is taking a break. And never mind that the position she may be best suited for after she takes a well-deserved rest is President of the United States. And never mind that being a mayor — even the mayor of New York City — is a local position. And never mind that Mrs. Clinton gave a hands-down ‘thanks but no thanks’.

After all, the Emperor of New York is used to getting his way — and anyone paying attention to New York City’s mayor for the past 2.5 terms knows that what anyone else wants really doesn’t matter.



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