Dear Media: Get Mitt Romney Off My Television NOW!

This is the final time I should have seen Mitt Romney on my television screen….

But noooo! Election Day is over, the polls are closed, the pundits have moved on to the fiscal cliff. And Mitt Romney is coping with his loss by eating take-out turkey. Why do I know this? Because when it comes to Romney’s post-election life, mainstream media clearly drank the Kool-Aid. In the month since Romney conceded defeat to President Obama, they are obsessed with cataloguing his every movement and portraying the poor, downtrodden soul as just your “average Joe.”

We are treated to play-by-play of Mitt’s trip to Disneyland with his wife, sons and grandchildren. We learn that he and the family packed into his “Spanish-style villa” over Thanksgiving and ordered their turkey dinner from Boston Market. Wow … just like us. Except for the villa and millions of dollars to spend on Black Friday.

After the media delivered non-stop saturation coverage of “Corporations are people, my friend” … “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me” and comments to wealthy donors down in Boca Raton, I’m a believer. Mitt Romney is an out-of-touch, elitist plutocrat. He’s Mr. Burns, case closed. Why are they now trying to convince me he’s really Homer Simpson, pumping his own gas and schlepping to the store with Marge to load up on paper towels.

Romney goes to Costco. Source: DemocraticUnderground

Mitt Romney has been running for president since he left the Massachusetts governorship in 2007. Granted, after nearly six years of chasing a dream, it must sting to wake up and realize that dream is gone forever. It’s not like John Kerry, who could go back to the Senate and lick his wounds. Or Al Gore, who will forever occupy the unique position of being a gavel stroke away from the Oval Office.

I get it. Poor Mitt has no political office to fall back on, no celebrity cred fueled by a “stolen election.” He’s feeling bored and shiftless, no plan B, persona non grata in the post-election Republican party. But, hello?! He’s ultra super filthy stinking rich. Go buy an island. Go play with your car elevator. Just get off my television with this foolish political theater.

There were days off, times when he was away from the campaign trail, home with the family. Occasions when he could have shown us this Man-of-the-People, pumping his own gas and roaming the aisles of a big-box store. But there was none of that. Who did these most mundane tasks then? Probably the same household staff that will fill-up the cars and stock the pantry at the Romney’s three homes once the media stop logging his daily roamings.

There’s no probative value, whatsoever, in chronicling his inconceivably boring post-campaign life. Newsflash: He feels like a loser because he lost. There’s no 12-step plan for those new to losing. He’ll get over it. Leave him be.

Mitt wakes up every morning a whole lot richer than when he went to sleep; it takes the average American a year to earn what he passively makes in less than a day. Don’t fret about Mitt. He’ll be fine. If not, he has millions of hundred-dollar bills to dry his tears. Just like a regular guy!

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  1. Is he shopping at COSTCO??? That is too funny! Can you imagine bumping into him? Doesn’t he have people to do that for him?

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      I KNOW!!! Sorry, but I can’t muster up any sympathy for him. Frankly, it made me nervous when he went to lunch at the White House; I imagined the Koch Brothers attempting to stage a military-style takeover using Romney as the Trojan horse! 🙂

      • Very funny! I just give President Obama credit for his grace in victory, especially after the rudeness and disrespect shown by Mitt (and his sons!) He’s a *much* better person than me, that’s fo damn sho! lol

    • Yep, that’s him. Stocking up on Christmas wrapping paper and ginormous Bisquick. Then loading into his Audi SUV (which we never saw during the campaign, of course… then it was all “Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs”) Of course, he has people. He’s milking this for all its worth.


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