Charlie Crist — Democrat?

On December 7th, 2012, formerly known as A Day of Infamy, former Republican Governor of the State of Florida, Charlie Crist, became a member of the Democratic Party. Celebrations were held. Cheers were heard. Republicans who once embraced him are now blogging bitterly.

Charlie Crist — Democrat?

But is Charlie Crist really a Democrat, or did he change parties simply to oppose incumbent Florida Governor Rick Scott in 2014? The answer is that we might never know. Charlie Crist has been a lifelong Republican — his mentor is Connie Mack III, also a lifelong Republican politician.  To give him credit, Crist was something of a moderate Republican, one who championed environmental concerns throughout his career. Additionally, he has rejected current Neoconservative economic theories all along — but he has been strongly anti-abortion and anti-gay-rights over the decades — so only time will tell if he’s managed to jettison all of his conservative baggage and can embrace the progressive movement as strongly as he’s already embraced President Obama.


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  1. Jeffrey Broido says

    We didn’t say he was anti-gay but, rather, anti-gay-rights, and this is well-documented.