Holy Hashtag!

Well, what do you know!  Pope Benedict XVI has an iPad and, as of four days ago, a Twitter account, @pontifex. In fact, he has seven Twitter accounts, all in different languages, and he already has 1,895,386 followers.

Holy Hashtag!

So, what does @pontifex tweet about? Just what you’d expect. There’s nothing controversial, there isn’t likely to be anything controversial and the tweets come in pairs — the first being a question and the next answering that question. And while @pontifex doesn’t follow anyone else on Twitter (except that each of his seven Twitter personae follows the others), there are plenty of replies and re-tweets — and, despite the fact that there’s probably a crack team of nasty reply redactors, lots of nasty comments get through. So far, they’ve left derisive comments, those inviting him to play Call of Duty with him, those who want his phone number, and so on. There are lots of questions but there won’t be any answers as His Holiness’ Twitter use is one-way. We’re wondering exactly what the point is. Perhaps he’ll give in and start telling the world what he had for lunch.


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  1. Interesting this was posted in December….I think the iPad was the downfall with his career. I bet his Plants vs. Zombies addiction has caused him to want to step down, retire, and play full time.


  1. […] PB16 was very chatty about his future plans over our salty pot of sodium pentathol tea, and much jelly and many pork and beans were spilled on a strictly need-to-know basis.  So get ready and take it from me — you need to know this stuff! […]