Be Kind

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Over the past four days, I have gone through a lot of emotions about the tragedy in Newtown, CT.

My initial reaction was shock, followed by passionate anger and defensiveness at almost every post I saw on social media.  I felt that I was suddenly surrounded by callous idiots.

I saw posts about how the mentally ill should put a bullet in their own heads before they hurt someone else.

I saw tweets about taking all the guns away and, on the opposite end, about putting guns in our schools…I mean, people are now talking about arming their elementary school kids!

My news feed filled with religious zealots blaming the fact that we are living in a “Godless” country and if we had God in our schools this wouldn’t have happened.

My first reaction was to read all the commentary, all the editorials, all the opinions.

Even though I couldn’t bring myself to watch or read the story on the news, I let myself drown in what everyone else was saying about the story.

I was falling into the rabbit hole of the internet “opinions”.

Most of my weekend and all day Monday I was in a fog.

I started by trying to add my own…by post links to things I agreed with…by ranting on social media about gun control and mental healthcare reform, and the role of teachers and the ridiculousness of “God” not being “in school”.

But I was just fueling the fire.  I was flaming other people’s passionate responses.

I was not helping.

Hate and anger do not fix hate and anger.

I have things I want to say about people with mental illnesses (I am one, but someone with autism is not).

I have words that need to be written about the idea of God being or not being in our schools and how I believe it is insanely UN-Christian to say those children would be alive if we had God in our schools.

I will write about the amazing everyday heroes that are teachers.

I have already talked about gun control, but I have more thoughts.

But today is not that day because today I can’t say anything everyone with a computer hasn’t said already.

Today I will begin to restore my faith in humanity by doing good anyway.

By being kind even though I feel like it might not make a difference. Because the only thing I know to ever successfully combat the terrible is goodness.

Do good today for no other reason other than you can.


  1. You can’t go wrong with kindness. Great post Katie.

  2. Oh Katie, you are SO right. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was just SO damn angry after some of the things I had read. But it doesn’t help, does it? Time to put my faith in action: “Love is patient. Love is kind.” Patience doesn’t come easily, but I’ll try.


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