More God?

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“This is what happens when you take God out of the classroom.”

I saw this posted on Facebook, Twitter, opinion pages, and online articles all week – and I still don’t understand it. Most people who stated it really didn’t explain what they meant by it.

I inferred that they meant we (The United States) would not see violence in schools if we taught “God” there.

There was even someone who said to me in a comment I made about not thinking teachers in schools should be armed, “you are obviously being educated in a Godless and completely different type of education system than I was 20 plus years ago.Back then, things were right and wrong. We could talk about God and were allowed Bible groups at school if we wanted.”

I have to admit, first I was flattered that she thought I was currently being educated and didn’t realize I am the educator. I mean, I was a freshman in high school 20 years ago, so I think I remember what it was like in public schools.

And on that note, I remember having a morning Bible study and prayer group at our high school. It was completely student run. And now, in the public school where I teach, there are still prayer groups that are student run.

So the public schools are not “completely different” than they were 20 years ago in that sense.

And back then? Things were not just “right and wrong” either. I remember the debates about abortion and homosexuality that are the same now, just more tired and over-argued. But the grey areas we have now were there then.

We definitely talked about God. We definitely had Bible groups.

So why do people think it’s so different?

What kind of “God” are they proposing we add? Prayer in school? That would mean they think that if those little kids in Newtown had prayed, they wouldn’t have been killed? That is just sick.

How would “more God” in the school prevented Adam Lanza from doing what he did?  Are they implying that he needed more God in his schooling? Because I am pretty sure that there weren’t other members of his graduating class who also became killers. That seems like something that would have been brought to light by now.

So how would “more God” have helped this situation? Do they think that bad stuff doesn’t happen to people who have “God”? Because I think Jesus would disagree. I mean, look at that guy’s life. His own people tortured and killed him in a pretty brutal way.

Someone please explain to this Christian public school teacher how injecting “more God” into the public schools is going to prevent random people from doing random acts of violence.

Because so far, this is the weakest solution to date that I have witnessed to the problem of people grabbing an easy-to-access gun (or guns) and just unloading on innocent people.


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