The House G.O.P.’s Monty Pythonian Strategy: “Run Away!”

In a Friday morning of “press conferences” (sans press questions), House Speaker John Boehner shot himself in the foot. Bullseye!

As for the inept amateur standup comedy act called John Boehner, he appeared to try to explain why his inadequate “Plan B[umbling]” flopped in his own caucus. Our Cat Herder from Cincinnati narrowly survived being made to walk the plank Thursday night after failing to sell his scheme to unruly, tea drunk, über-conservative Republican cast members of Mutiny on the Top 1% Bounty.  Is John Boehner practicing his Ides of March “Et Tu, Brutus?” to a conservative mob who probably thinks “Latin” is someone we ought to ask for their “papers?”

I’m old enough to have lived through a childhood which included watching the western spoof F Troop on televisions with vacuum tubes in them.  The fictitious “Indian” tribesmen in the series were called the “Hekawi.”  The current cabal in the Republican House makes me chuckle recalling the show’s famous line, “We’re the Hekawi,” for the current GOP’s lack of productive direction.

President Obama (not spelled “Romney”) ran on returning to the prosperous 1990s income tax rates for top taxpayers with taxable household incomes in excess of $250,000. Twice. I’m not jealous, but a quarter million isn’t all that “rich” in a number of areas which the President carried again. Comfy. Much better that most. That income could constitute “living large” in a lot of Red States, such as Mississippi, whose economy probably rivals Paraguay.

In last weekend’s negotiations between the President and Boehner, both sides came a little closer, with the President returning to 1990s tax levels only for those with incomes over $400.000.  I don’t know about you, but $400 large is “rich.” It’s doubtful they are clipping coupons. Boehner’s “Plan B[umbling]” restored prosperity tax rates for incomes over a million. Laughable.  Fewer megaPAC donors to tee off. Despite a GOP cheering section which included House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Thursday night’s Rightie cotillion in the House responded in a manner which makes me wonder if Boehner came dressed as Joe Stalin in drag.

Defeated, Republican pols did what any self-enamored CEO would do when they don’t get their way. They go on vacation. A nice holiday. “Room Service!”

The Founding Fathers the tea crowd love to invoke more often than Ronald Reagan designed Congress to be an exercise in compromise. I don’t think they intended Congress to consider driving off the cliff a legitimate tactic in compromise just to take care of their rich bankrollers above all else. Tough luck, We the “You People.”

It’s a wagerable bet as to whether Boehner will last as Speaker by January much less  March. America isn’t ready to leave Fort Apache to the tea bag Indians. Queen Ann Romney wouldn’t be on her second boxcar of sniffle and tear tissues if we had.

I hope John Boehner remembers how to work a bar in Cincinnati in case the extremists make him walk the plank. Aaaarrrghh, ye buckos!