Have a Grouchy Christmas!!

Image via Bushmaster.com 

(Thus begins a new series of random thoughts we shall call “Grouchifications.” They are like pontifications, although we are not a pontiff. We are a grouch. Therefore, the name.)

1. Teacher with unruly student? Problem. Teacher having gun taken away by unruly student? Additional problem.

2. Woman overpowererd by rapist/abusive husband or boyfriend? Problem. Woman having gun wrestled away by stronger rapist/abusive husband or boyfriend? Much larger problem.

3. Patrons of movie theater harassed by gunman? Problem. Armed patrons of movie theater shooting blindly in the dark? Much higher death toll.

4. Crappy customer service from underpaid clerk with bad attitude? Problem. Crappy customer service from underpaid clerk with bad attitude and a gun? Problem grows exponentially.

5. Child with severe emotional difficulties? Problem. Child with severe emotional difficulties who has access to your stockpile of assault weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammo, and numerous 30-round magazines? You get the picture.

And Now? Entertainment.