Our Happy Thoughts Jar

Fitting the season…It’s just an old papier-mâché salt water taffy bank from Atlantic City that now sits on a shelf with a small pad of pink Post-It® notes.

Our Happy Thoughts Bar.
This is an experiment in positive thinking, something at which I am rather inexperienced.

For years, being plagued by negative thoughts, general anxiety and thoughts of revenge and potential eternal damnation for others — something in which the Atheist in me doesn’t believe — I decided it was time to try another tack. This coming year of 2013, Jeff and I are going to “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive” and drop a small pink slip in the bank every time something good happens. We will keep this jar for one year and open it on New Years Day, 2014.

So, rather than writing, “Toilet overflowed on May 13th,” the pink slip might say, “plumber actually comes and fixes overflowing toilet before the day is over!”  Or something like that.  It’s something I’ll have to get the hang of. But you get the idea. A whole bursting bank of beautiful bits of good news!

At least that’s the plan. Tune in next year for some highlights of our year! Meanwhile, you can listen to this







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