Things that made 2012 interesting: A look back.

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Many of us are thrilled to see 2012 leave but, that doesn’t mean that 2012 didn’t provide us with some interesting moments. As is typical of this time of year, where being reflective. From the funny to the absurd, the happy moments to the sad, and the moments in between that made us scratch our heads or shake our heads in shame, 2012 will be one for the history books. What made the year interesting for you? Have a look at this month by month list and see what comes to mind:


  • Occupy Wall Street protestors arrested for trying to re-occupy Zuccotti Park in NYC. Just because a new year rolled in doesn’t mean that the old issues, concerns and protests have gone away.
  • Iowa Causes on 1/3/11;  WHO WON? Mitt Romney by only 8 votes over Rick Santorum. Yikes
  • President Obama invokes Article II of the Constitution and appoints Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 3 appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. Suck it, GOP!
  • Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum pick on Black people by referencing African Americans in speeches about welfare and food stamps. Rick takes it a (side) step further by saying he didn’t say “black people”, he said “BLAH” people.  Huh??
  • We found out that cell phone companies back candidates that we may want nothing to do with.


  • Whitney Houston, ‘The Voice‘, passed away.
  • Immigration, Dream Act talks?
  • Domestic Violence – Rihanna, Chris Brown
  • Don Cornelius, best known as the creator of the nationally syndicated dance/music franchise Soul Train and breaker of racial barriers in music, passed away.


  • Wingnuttery was really ratcheted up a few notches in trying to roll back laws that have been in effect for a generation (equal pay and access to birth control)
  • Racism ramped up with those on the right assuming George Zimmerman was innocent when he killed an unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin.
  • Hoodies became the symbol of repression, even a congressman was escorted away for going against congressional dress code.
  • War on Women
  • War on Healthcare, thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States
  • Mommy Wars (stay at home vs working moms) – more culture wars!


  • Religion – talk of Christianity, Mormonism
  • Latino vote’s importance
  • Student Loans and the wealth gap
  • Vitriol reaches a new high with the GOP – making us ask if America is THAT bad
  • Ann Romney thinks she’s mother of the century, working vs. stay at home moms
  • Trayvon Martin case goes full throttle
  • Bullying at forefront again because of Mitt’s pathologies
  • Independence without peace in Israel?
  • GOP seeks nostalgia days
  • America’s oldest teenager, Dick Clark, passed away.
  • POTUS uses executive power


  • Newt Gingrich leaves the GOP race, making some of us wonder why he joined in the first place.
  • POTUS criticized for ‘bragging’ about his own ‘mission accomplished
  • Jobs report was positive but POTUS still slammed
  • Continuing with the Occupy movement
  • Girls and technology – educational and career conferences
  • POTUS “comes out” in support of gay rights
  • Speaking of bullies, racist and anti-Latino sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks up regarding immigration
  • Financial reform time again! JP Morgan MESSED up! And Jamie Dimon apologises
  • More talk of austerity; wealth gap grows, “job creators” haven’t created jobs.
  • Education reform
  • Immigration
  • Dumbing down of the GOP
  • Memorial Day – where’s the REAL support for our troops? Financial, mental health
  • Zombie apocalypse




  • Summer of solidarity environmental protests
  • 99 more days until the presidential election
  • 2012 Olympics in London and Mitt Romney messes up as a ‘leader’ during trip to London
  • The Mommy Wars – this time Mayor Bloomberg wants bottle feeding banned?
  • The new reality – attack of the MBAs
  • Canada and China’s oil alliance
  • Romney picks Paul Ryan and, by default, Ayn Rand
  • Julian Assange flees!
  • Liberals want special attention from POTUS
  • Todd Akin on rape
  • Republicans on “We Built That” – GOP convention
  • Ann Romney talks down to her would-be subjects


  • DNC convention
  • Michelle Obama’s speech – attention because she’s a BW; bigotry of low expectations.
  • Labor Day – Hug a Thug
  • Where are the jobs – we have a jobs bill!
  • American diplomat killed in Benghazi, Libya
  • Republican pizza guy blasted by Republicans for hugging the POTUS
  • Romney’s stance on China – he’d fuck mess up.
  • GOP proving themselves to be like Wooly Mammoths, after-birthers
  • What about clean energy: electric cars
  • 9/11 Anniversary
  • The question: Are we better off than we were 4 years ago?
  • Romney still silent (taxes, etc)
  • Ann Romney acting like Queen Ann…”This is hard!!” AND she’s worried about Mitt’s sanity
  • Lyin’Ryan – even lied about his marathon results!
  • Chicago teachers went on strike for first time in 20 years. What does this mean for unions? #HugAThug
  • Benjamin Netanyahu trying to insert himself in US elections. Warmonger.
  • Mitt Romney turns Mexican for a day.
  • VOTER drive push. GOP voter suppression efforts step up
  • Tea Party darlings like Michele Bachmann are being challenged
  • POTUS at the United Nations


  • Republicans want a “No More Solyndros Act” but it will jeopardize the future of green energy
  • POTUS vs Romney debates
  • Biden vs  Ryan debate – wiped the floor with the young’un
  • Comparison of Barry Goldwater vs. today’s GOP
  • Racist statements against POTUS from GOP elected official (Sununu calls him lazy)
  • Romney doesn’t think environment matters
  • More GOP voter suppression, poll tax
  • Koran-burning Pastor Terry Jones takes hate filled trip to Canada against Muslims
  • Conservatives threaten employees and say they won’t hire anyone until Obama’s gone
  • TN Rep has a family on the side. (10/15/12)
  • Nebraska GOP Senate candidate steals generous neighbour’s land
  • Presidential debate round 2 – domestic policy. POTUS thumps Romney
  • Presidential debate round 3 – foreign policy – Mitt copies everything the POTUS says.
  • “Binders full of women” D’Oh! Terrible record on hiring women is in Mitt’s past.
  • Conservative Dinesh D’Souza is a bigamist wannabe. Family values. Yay!
  • Tagg Romney wants to punch the POTUS. Punk arse.
  • Romnesia pandemic
  • George McGovern, liberal hero, dies
  • Horses and bayonets is Mitt’s foreign/military policy
  • The Taliban is scared of a 14 y.o. girl, Malala Yousafzai, who just wants to be educated.
  • More GOP rape madness (Mourdock)
  • Economy picking up: housing.
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Local issues impacting national election
  • Native American Activist Russell Means dies
  • Monthly jobs report – GOP sees conspiracy
  • US economy grew 2%
  • GOP, after trying to steal election, has its legal team ready for post-election battle


  • Chris Christie and Hurricane Sandy
  • Campaign’s final days: Romney called out by heads of auto manufacturers for perpetuating the lie that their operations are moving to China
  • President Obama won the popular vote AND the Electoral College vote, and the international community overwhelmingly supported re-election (except Netanyahu).
  • Mitch McConnell and John Boehner waste no time with the obstruction
  • GOP blame game begins, but extremism lost
  • General Petraeus resigns amid affair scandal
  • Women made history (Tammy Baldwin, gay senator, Elizabeth Warren, etc.) and crazy conservatives don’t want to concede loss.
  • GOP retaliation begins against Chris Christie
  • Rockets fire from Gaza, Israel retaliates
  • States want to secede the union.
  • POTUS makes history by visiting Cambodia and Myanmar/Burma
  • John McCain goes after Susan Rice and says she’s ‘not bright’.
  • Racist Tea Party rep gets appointed to Texas School Board and decides on textbooks/history
  • Thanksgiving
  • CEOs don’t want to implement Obamacare
  • Palestine gets symbolic vote to join UN, much to US’ and Israel’s chagrin.
  • Grover Norquist’s No Tax pledge has folks seceding from Grover.
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Fast food workers and Walmart workers walk out
  • Giving Tuesday to focus on charities during the holiday spending season


  • Social Security is not on the negotiating table for fiscal cliff budget talks
  • GOP really doesn’t have a plan to resolve Fiscal cliff issue. They are hoping President Obama will come up with a plan so that they don’t have to mention that they really don’t have one other than the usual wall don’t raise taxes on the wealthy.
  •  America this owned the treaty based on Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Rules will challenge the laws surrounding mental health care.
  •  Is America obligated to act if Syria uses chemical weapons.
  •  Israel responds by giving the entire world to middle finger after the United Nations passed a resolution for Palestinian statehood.
  •  Charlie Crist switches parties to become a Democrat
  •  Republicans want to use food stamps to balance the federal budget
  • Would gun lobby support nuclear profliferation?
  • NRA lost its mind after more gun violence at Sandy Hook/Newtown, CT
  • Fiscal Cliff negotiations and Plan B negotiations fail.
  • The 3 amigos in Congress ran Susan Rice away from consideration as the next Secretary of State; John Kerry is  logical choice for Secretary of State.

What we know we have to look forward to is completion of the fiscal cliff negotiations, sensible gun control legislation, and a congressional decision that will pull us from the brink of the dairy cliff. Or at least we can hope… In the face of a Congress that has been listed as the most unproductive ever, hope is really all we have until citizens become very active with their representatives.

Happy new year to you!  Here’s to looking forward; we are excited about all of the promise in store for 2013!