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This week’s “Say it in Song” selection is “Tennessee,” by Arrested Development. Tennessee has been in the news this week because one of its residents, a firearms dealer, thought that he should teach a lesson  about freedom and the Second Amendment by issuing a statement in which he said that he would “start killing people” if the Obama administration took executive action to pass gun control measures. The State of Tennessee’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security announced in response that they had suspended Mr. James Yeager’s handgun carry permit. it seems homeland security has the thing about allowing unhinged people to run around with firearms, and the state of Tennessee doesn’t want its reputation further tarnished. Imagine that.

So, in trying to help remember something positive with the word “Tennessee” attached to it, we reached back into the 1990s for Arrested Development’s hit song:

For some strange reason it had to be   

He guided me to Tennessee….

Take me to another place  

Take me to another land  

Make me forget all that hurts me

Help me understand your plan


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