A Cabinet that ‘Looks Like America.’

President Obama promised in the 2008 campaign to appoint more women to cabinet positions in his administration. His Cabinet and below, did increase opportunities for women in government, and “look more like America.” In his second term, did he leave that promise behind?  Not so fast, ye buckos.

Embattled longtime Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.), might have been short of a dose of Geritol or two when he lambasted the President with a Bronx cheer on the lack of cabinet-level diversity.

There does need to be more opportunity for women to serve in all governmental leadership levels, but methinks it is a bit premature for Progressives to wield torches and pitchforks with the tribes from Glennbeckistan in front of the White House.

The President named former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) as his nominee for Secretary of Defense. In an administration of “firsts,”  President Obama again reached across the aisle and also nominated the first enlisted Vietnam vet to the key cabinet post. Is the President turning his back on the female majority, which frankly was instrumental in his winning reelection, consigning Bishop Myth R-money to rides with weepy Ann at Disneyland?

Ask outgoing Secretary of State and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about underestimating Barack Obama’s political acumen. Clinton is no slouch when it comes to campaigning skills. She is already a potential front-runner for the 2016 nod should she be crazy enough to take it. Do we wonder why P-90x buff boy blunder Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Patron Saint of Hunting Grounds) made sure to keep his House seat whilst running as Veep? Opponents of all political stripes paid a heavy price to think the once junior Senator from Illinois was a simpleton or an easy electoral mark.

One might think the President had learned a tough lesson in trying to be bipartisan. To do so blatantly ignores the political mettle of our Chief Executive. Beware the perils of selling short this nimble campaigner.

I pondered the other day about this Hagel nomination to the Pentagon. There are well qualified women to make a pioneering ascent to the Defense honcho job. President Obama has far from lost his political wits.

One of the more amusing products of the Tea Party extremists who managed to get to, and stay in, Congress, and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Oh.)’s motley performance as a failed circus lion tamer, is that the “Party of No” is doing a bang-up job at devouring their own.

We’re dealing with a party which ran dimwitted ex-Alaska half-Gov. Sarah Palin as its’ 2008 Veep nominee. I watched the HBO film Game Changer (2012) the other night again, for laughs and general entertainment value.

Hagel’s nod quickly had the Righties foaming at the mouth in opposition. They complained he wasn’t extreme enough on Israel and Iran. In comparison, methinks Secretary of State Clinton quietly hinted to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu that if he foolishly went to war, he gets Birther ditz Orly Taitz deported back to Tel Aviv pronto. First class accommodations aboard the CIA’s “Rendition Airlines.” No refueling stops in Western European airpots, though. They get embarrassingly noticed.

So, as our wily President thinks like a chess master, two moves ahead of his opponent, he might just let Republicans, in their family feeding frenzy, burn up their energy fighting Hagel, and instead insert someone such as former Defense undersecretary Michele Flournoy as the first woman as Pentagon chief while conservative senators are gulping Pepto Bismol in gastric agony from gobbling up too much dodgy elephant meat.

Besides, the President has already seen what happened to not-yet-State-Dept.-nominated  U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice at the hands of “Grouchy Old Men” Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), cheered on by G.O.P. pom-pom girl Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.).

Don’t gender count Cabinet appointments until they’re hatched.


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  2. […] President Obama was elected the first time around, in 2008, he said that he would stay true to his campaign promise to have an administration that reflects America’s diversity. And he did. And anyone disputing […]