Lee Stranahan — An Idiot Abroad

No, this is not a photo of some kidnap victim taken to prove he is really still alive.  This is a shot, self-taken by Lee “The Grifter” Stranahan. See, Lee talked some dumbass right wing donor into giving him money so he could travel from Dallas to Chicago, from Chicago to Pittsburgh, then from Pittsburgh to Steubenville, Ohio so Lee could be there, in person, to do…


Lee is a freelance writer for Breitbart.com whose only source of income is the pittance he gets for writing lies for Dead Andy.  That, and whatever he can grift from stupid, stupid people who send him money.

See, that’s why we of the liberal persuasion don’t do so well in the donations department. We tend to write for smart readers. People like Stranahan write for dumbasses. If Lee told his readers that liberals, disguised as pitbulls, were attacking his home and threatening to tear his babies to bits (his BABIES!), people would send their social security checks to him because a nice boy like Lee wouldn’t LIE about a thing like PITBULLS!

Lee is sitting in a bar in Steubenville, holding a newspaper with Sunday’s date on it, because I did not believe he actually WENT to Steubenville.  There was a hearing on Friday to determine whether or not to leave that rape case involving high school football players and a girl who claims she was assaulted, open to the public. Lee had to be there for…

Some reason.

So, he wheedled on his Twitter account and sure enough. Someone gave him the money so he could be in Steubenville for the hearing and do…

Whatever it was he went there for.

He was supposed to have a gathering Saturday afternoon with a bunch of the local townsfolk to discuss how to reclaim the narrative (that narrative being, there ain’t no coverup in Steubenville, and we don’t give our high school athletes special preference when they rapes girls, and there ain’t no incestuous relationship between the law and the people what enforces them laws. Nope. Not in Steubenville.)

But the manager at the restaurant where Stranahan was supposed to show sections of his film, Occupy Unwatched Unmasked, said there was no such gathering and she even laughed at the idea.

For awhile, I was operating under the assumption that Stranahan never quite made it to Steubenville and was, in fact, phoning it in from his home in Dallas. That’s when the toothless wretch decided to have a photo taken with him, hostage style, holding the day’s local newspaper.  Now, I don’t know if the Steubenville paper is available in Dallas. I will assume it is not, and Stranahan actually DID make the trip to some place near Steubenville.

Did he shine any new light on the case? No. No, he did not.

Did he hold that meeting with the townsfolk? We can’t find anyone who says he did.

So, other than drink beer and eat food and sleep in a hotel at SOMEBODY’s expense, what in God’s name was Stranahan doing in Steubenville?


There is that matter of a Texas Department of Family and Protective Services investigation he probably doesn’t want to hang around for. Stranny hates answering hard questions, and those are the only kind of questions TDFPS asks.

But is this what the donor paid for? So Stranahan could get away from the wife and kids and live the life of quiet luxury in Steubenville for a few days?

Well. If you know anyone who donated to Stranahan, give that person my information. I’ll give that person Lee’s home phone number and address so they might facilitate the person getting a refund.


  1. The saga continues!