Michelle’s Bangs…

I love Michelle Obama.  She is beautiful, worldly and inspiring.  But I don’t love her new bangs.

Michelle Obama with alternative hair styles.

Before the hate mail starts pouring in, let me say right up front that I have had bangs my entire life.  So I started thinking why do her bangs seem so wrong to me?

I have here for your consideration an assortment of hairstyles that I would like to see her consider as alternatives — and we’d like your vote, too.  My choice for her is #1, representing a modern, hip black woman at home with herself and her hair.

What I would really, really like would be a really big, beautiful, bouncy head of tight curls. If it were me, and I had the capacity to grow “textured hair,” I would have the biggest Afro I could grow. And hell yes, I’d be proud of it!

I understand from my black women friends that straightened hair is easier to deal with on a professional basis — and I understand that what style hair you choose to wear is a very personal thing. But as she is a rôle model for women of color everywhere, I still want to see Michelle set an example for our young children to be proud of what comes naturally.

This column is dedicated to my dear friend, Precious, who is 9 years old, and who wants to straighten her hair “to be beautiful.”  It breaks my heart that she feels this way, and I look to no one more than Michelle Obama to prove that beauty comes in all colors and all textures.

Please scroll way down to the comment section and vote on a potential hair style for Michelle. We’ll publish the results soon!


Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.



  1. Linda Ekblad says

    I had the same reaction to her bangs. Is she trying to be white, from a WASP family with inherited straight hair? I think I would go with #5, however. It is straighter than a black woman’s hair, but there is such a large contingent out there that hates the fact that a black man is president, an Afro would only attract more on-the-fence folks.

  2. Not knowing Michelle personally, i would guess that she, like almost everyone else, thinks the grass is always greener on the other side. Almost every woman i know wants straight hair if they are naturally curly. I think she should be able to change her style any time she’s in the mood just like the rest of America. I like her bangs, for now.

  3. I like bangs on Michelle, and I like that she changed it up a bit. I would go with # 2 or # 8.

  4. Stephen hazen says

    I love the bangs.

  5. Barry Richardson says

    I like her new bangs. But if she has to change her hairstyle, she should go full Afro with #8!

  6. Danny Lear says

    Lucky No 7 all day long :o)

  7. Denise MacLean says

    As I am someone with naturally curly hair who straightens it, I see her new style as a woman who simply likes the look of straight hair. No 5 for me 🙂

  8. I love Michelle’s new look …as for me, I have always had stick straight, fine hair – and HATED it. I think if I had to vote for a second hairstyle, I’d vote for that wonderful modern spiky pixie cut – #7. That’s how I’d like MY hair to look!

  9. Hmmmm…#3 is my favorite silhouette, and the extra height would make all men tremble at her awesome power(as they should). I always loved her hair as she wore it(#5?) I thought it framed her face nice that way, but if that was a lot of work I couldn’t be bothered. I don’t really like the bangs, at least not yet, it feels distracting, like it makes the hair is an issue. (I feel the same about Hillary when she has her hair down and straight, it draws too much attention to it. I liked her hair shorter and looking swept back) They both project so much confidence in their abilities and about who they are that they could wear green beans marshmallows and cornflakes on their head and pull it off. Michelle ROCKS!

  10. I really don’t think she’s “trying to be white”. That’s ridiculous. I think she embraces her blackness. But not everyone wants textured hair. And you know what? That’s her prerogative. I love the bangs on her I think they look really modern. But honestly? I think it’s completely foolish to believe that Michelle Obama is somehow representing all of us or that she SHOULD by what she chooses to do with her hair or her clothes. She is a role model, absolutely. But she is NOT the only one. This 9 year old girl could use people in her life that are closer to home, real, with texture and that are touchable to embrace and love their natural hair because they so chose. Michelle doesn’t and and can’t be everything for everybody.

    • Brava VERY well said “A” !!! ^ Linda Ekblad WTF? Really?!! Not only WASP’s wear bangs! NEWS FLASH People–not ALL Black people have the same hair texture. Some of us DO have straighter hair than others. Those of us who use chemicals or heating tools to straighten our hair can and do wear all manner of hairstyles. For us to be the most scorned and ridiculed for our physical features, we are the most imitated of all the “Tribes” !!!

  11. Kudos to you Barbara for writing this post! I am sharing it far and wide!

  12. that drawing is very ugly compared to michelle, but I like #8 and #5 the best. Not a big fan of the bangs myself. I wonder what hairstyle this woman would choose to represent a modern hip white woman at home with herself and her hair. Or maybe she thinks its only black women who aren’t comfortable with themselves if they do anything to their hair.

  13. Nina Simone says

    I like her bangs. I think she looks pretty with her new hairstyle.

  14. Michelle Obama has had many different hair style throughout the President first term and I am sure she will go back to some naturally curlly style when she wants to but she is not the biggest factor that affects little african american girls and their self esteem in all cases that starts at home. Does Precious mother have natural hair or straighten hair? Does Precious see the up keep of her hair as troublesome? Is Precious mother properly taking care and maintaining moisture in Precious hair when she does it or is Precious doing this herself to make it easy to manage, maintain, and care for her hair. each situation needs to be assessed and some times children just want what their peers have.

  15. I personally don’t care for bangs, for me they were hard to deal with. However, without any comment or consideration for others Michelle should be able to ware whatever style she wants. She is not just a role model for AA girls, she is a role model for all women. The best thing that she could do for precious is to be herself.

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