LA County Deputy District Attorney Establishes Pattern of Online Abuse Against Women

Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey is being sued by former Breitbart ally, Nadia Naffe. The reason? Since Naffe filed charges against Dead Andy’s favorite video-making toady, the ridiculous James O’Keefe III, alleging that O’Keefe drugged her, took her to a barn and attempted to sexually assault her, Frey (who had never met Naffe but who was friends with O’Keefe) made slandering Ms. Naffe his personal business.

He published blog posts calling her stupid, calling her incapable of attending Harvard, casting aspersions on her truth-telling skills, etc. He crossed the line between just plain meanness into possible lawsuit land when he published a blog post containing a document which revealed Ms. Naffe’s Social Security Number, date of birth, and private medical information.

Frey quickly retracted this and blamed it all on a mistake, saying that he had gotten the document from the PACER system where court documents are stored for public access, and he had assumed the document would be redacted, so it was PACER’S fault, not his, that her personal info was “out there.” Since then, Ms. Naffe has alleged her identity has been stolen and she has had many other difficulties related to the release of public info.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice?

@Patterico, yesterday, revealed a pattern of lashing out at women who anger him by releasing personal information, including date-of-birth and medical conditions.

The publisher of the blog “Breitbart Unmasked” sent an unredacted screen cap of this exchange to the judge hearing Nadia Naffe’s suit against Patrick Frey. He feels this will establish a pattern that shows Frey releases the personal information of women he is angry with in an effort to attack and hurt them, much as he is alleged of doing in Naffe’s case.Unknown1

“At present Judge Wu is looking into Frey to see if there is a pattern of activity that would show that Frey has an MO for this type of conduct. Thus this timeline with {redacted} shows that even if he believes {redacted} to be an autistic woman living with parents, that he would release her info to suit his hatred or rage or whatever psychological problems Frey has to hope that harm comes to OR. It’s a clear pattern of abuse, and a clear violation of Twitter rules to release dates of birth or personal info of other users.”

And this guy is a LAWYER? Being paid by the TAXPAYERS???


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