Teaching Kids about Love, post Valentine’s


Image by D. Goh

This week is the week of Love as we celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February.  Love is not just for people who are dating but also between friends, siblings and relations.

Love: An intense feeling of deep affection

It is something that we feel, an attachment for a person or an object. If you teach children how to respect and love they will act in kind.

I am focusing on Love, this Valentine’s Day and beyond, to teach kids how to show their love for one another.

Many times we take others for granted and do not show appreciation for their kindness and/or look out for their well-being. We assume that others know our intentions and they can acknowledge our form of love for them. Often, these assumptions lead to misunderstandings and ill feelings.

This can be avoided if we make the effort to really understand others and learn how to communicate effectively with them.

As parents, we can help them learn about love by modelling the respective behaviours ourselves; children learn best by following examples and by showing them how to behave towards each other. Each act of kindness, thinking about the other person’s feeling and valuing his opinion shows your love for  the other party.

Teaching them the skills needed to handle conflicts and show kindness and patience with others would certainly go far in building up their character.

The feeling of love for one another will  help one party bond with the other party, and it builds common experiences and memories which can be shared.

Expressing your love doesn’t need to be limited only to Valentine’s Day. Create opportunities daily to show that you treasure the people around you and I’m sure that it will brighten everyone’s day.


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