We can deal with rockets and dreams, but reality…?

reality check

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos

Musical genius and legend Curtis Mayfield once said:

“We’re all built up with progress,
But sometimes I must confess,
We can deal with rockets and dreams,
But reality… what does it mean?

Ain’t nothing said.
’cause Freddie’s dead.”

This week’s “Say It In Song” pick is “Freddie’s Dead” by Curtis Mayfield. It’s still timely, especially in light of a political climate in which many of our elected officials still don’t appear to see a point in working towards the greater good. Take a listen:

“Why can’t we brothers
Protect one another
No one’s serious
And it makes me furious
Don’t be misled
Just think of Fred”

Why can’t we be brothers? ….Just protect one another?